Cobb County GA Property Taxes: Scheduled Site Visits

Posted by Francis Catherine Ogdoc on Oct 4, 2013 11:14:00 AM

In accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 48-5-264.1), the chief appraiser, other members of the county property appraisal staff, and members of the county board of tax assessors may go upon property outside of buildings, posted or otherwise, in order to carry out the duty of updating property records to facilitate the estimating of the fair market values of taxable property in the county.

The person representing the board shall carry identification which is sufficiently prominent to permit the occupant to readily ascertain that such person is a representative of the assessor's office. Also if practicable shall first advise and/or shall not enter upon such property unless written or other reasonable notice has been provided to the occupant of the property regarding the purpose for which such person is entering upon such property.

This appraiser/data collector does not set values and will only gather the necessary property information including exterior measurements, various coding, exterior photos, etc. Collecting this information does not require access to the interior of the home or business. If the owner/occupant is not at the property at the time of the visit, a door hanger will be left indicating the visit. In the case of residential property visits, if an adult is home, the appraiser/data collector will want to ask some questions in an attempt to make sure the records are as accurate as possible. Answering these questions is purely voluntary.

The purpose of these site visits is to update the property record which enables the Cobb county Tax Assessors office to more accurately determine fair market values and/or make other determinations as required by law. The appraiser/data collector will have a photo identification badge and will be driving an appropriately marked vehicle. If there is any question about the identity of the appraiser/data collector, do not hesitate to contact them at 770-528-3100.

The view the list of properties scheduled for a site visit within the next 30 days, please click here.


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