Residential Property Tax Appeal Services


We work single family, duplex and triplex properties in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties. 

Here's what to expect from Fair Assessments, LLC:

  1. We file the property tax appeal.
  1. We do all of the research needed to support a lower property tax assessment.
  1. We negotiate with the County property tax assessment staff.
  1. We prepare for and attend a Board of Equalization hearing. 

< $500K

BRONZE Engagement Level

If the tax assessor market value of your residential property is less than $500,000 - Fair Assessments will do all of the work for a $295 fee.
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$500K - $1M

SILVER Engagement Level

If the tax assessor market value is between $500,000 and $1,000,000 - Fair Assessments will do all of the work for a $395 fee
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> $1M

GOLD Engagement Level

If the tax assessor market value is greater than $1,000,000 - Fair Assessments will do all of the work for a $495 fee.
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Fair Assessments may lower your residential property taxes by reducing and capping tax assessments.

At Fair Assessments, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to successfully appeal a wide variety of residential properties.

Daniel Jones handles all residential property tax appeals. Daniel has 33 years of real estate valuation experience as a fee appraiser, tax assessor, and a property tax consultant. He has experience as a manager for counties in two of the country’s largest metro areas. Successful residential property tax appeals are both data and relationships driven. As an Atlanta based property tax consultant for the past 19 years Daniel has developed the relationships that produce tax saving.

  • 33 Years Real Estate Valuation Experience
  • 19 Years Property Tax Reduction Experience
  • Licensed Real Estate Appraiser
  • Former Property Tax Assessor
I used Fair Assessments to handle last year's property tax appeal. They were very professional and effective. The took care of everything and represented me at the hearing. They were able to provide the relative information to get my taxes reduced by a substantial amount and frozen for 3 years. I would definitely recommend their services.
Michael Vinson
Multiple times on both my personal real estate and commercial properties - Daniel has successfully got my values corrected to fair and accurate amounts resulting in years of savings. Thank you and know that all of my future valuations will be sent for your expert review!
Allen Jorgensen
I had a wonderful experience with Fair Assessments. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. They saved me a ton of money and it was so easy! Daniel Jones was very assertive, professional and successful when getting our taxes reduced. In fact, he was so good- I referred him to both my realtor and a close friend of outs. I highly recommend Fair Assessments, you will not be disappointed.
Jeff Norton
Last year, I approached Fair Assessments team to look into ways to reduce property tax burden. After the initial discussion, they did all the work. Including paper work, follow ups with county, attending court hearings, etc. At the end they saved me a bunch of money on taxes.
Uday Sangepu
Dan Jones did an excellent job getting a reduction on my Gwinnett County property taxes. I faced an almost $200,000 increase in my assessed value. Dan filed an appeal and represented me at the Board Of Equalization hearing. He was able to get my increase knocked down to $88,000. I urge everyone to use his service and save yourself some serious money.
Chet Moore