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What is a Property Tax Appeal?

bigstock-Georgia-State-Capitol-Building-2833082 (2)Most States allow the counties to tax property owners based on the value of the real estate they own. Some States have no income tax so the counties rely heavily on property and sales tax to fund local government. Other States have income tax so their property tax rates are lower. Property taxes are sometimes called Ad Valorem taxes which means “According to Value”.

Real estate values fluctuate with the economic cycle and many States, including Georgia, send out tax assessment notices every year. This notice tells you what the local government thinks your real estate is worth and the value they intend to base your tax on. Appraising all of the real estate in a county is a daunting task however, and the tax assessors can’t be consistently accurate. The process they use is called Mass Appraisal and relies on statistical testing. As a result, the State tax law allows for property owners to challenge the values that their tax is based on.

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Residential Property Owners

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Commercial Property Owners

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About Fair Assessments LLC

Fair Assessments is a full service property tax reduction firm. When you engage us we will file the appeal on your behalf, do all of the research necessary to build a case for a lower value, and represent you in negotiations with the tax assessment staff and at formal hearings.

Fair Assessments has been in valuation services for 28 years. This has included licensed fee appraisal work, mass appraisal work with two counties, and property tax consulting work for the past 15 years. We have a high value reduction success rate and always get the appeals resolved such that your taxable value is capped for three years.


About Daniel Jones

Daniel Thomas Jones is the managing director of Fair Assessments, LLC. Dan is a valuation professional with expertise in reducing property taxes for real property owners and tenants. Prior experience includes working for two county property tax assessment departments. He was a commercial and residential manager for the Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors, Atlanta, Georgia.

His specialized knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the mass appraisal property tax process, as well as the ability to relate to the county appraisal staff ensures excellent results for your property tax appeal.

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