What tax exemptions does Gwinnett County, GA offer?

Gwinnett County, GA offers a variety of tax exemptions for residents and businesses. Some of the most common exemptions include:

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How do I appeal my property tax assessment?

I asked this question to Google's AI Bard. This is its response. Some of this could be from our blog since it searches the internet for answers. 

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Why Cobb County Property Tax Appeal Services Are the Ally You Need When You Need Them the Most

One of the most critical things to understand about your property taxes in Cobb County has to do with the fact that your home may not be revalued on any type of set schedule. Many assume that county officials do so every two to three years, but practically speaking this is rarely the case.

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Do You Want to Fight Property Taxes in DeKalb County? Here's What You Need to Know

If you want to fight property taxes in Dekalb County, it's critical that you get the process itself right. There are specific steps that you have to follow, all of which require you to remember a few important things along the way.

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What to Know About Your Cobb County Assessment Appeal

One of the most important things to understand about property taxes in Cobb County is that appeals can only be filed in direct response to an assessment notice - meaning that you'll need to wait to receive one in the mail before you can begin. Once you do, there are a few things you need to know about going through this process - including why you may not want to do so alone. 

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The Ins and Outs of a DeKalb County Real Estate Tax Appeal

Every year in DeKalb County, real estate assessment notices get mailed to homeowners in either late May or early June. Among the other information contained on this assessment will be a listing of the fair market value of your home.

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Everything to Know About Fulton County Property Tax Appeal Services

Every year in Fulton County, the Board of Assessors sends out notices that let you know, among other things, the fair market value of your property. It's an important document to pay attention to, as this directly impacts the amount you'll pay in taxes.

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An Overview of the Board of Assessment Appeals in Cobb County

In the event that you receive an assessment notice in Cobb County with a value for your property that you feel is too high, you can absolutely file an appeal both online or in person. There are, however, a number of important things you'll want to understand before you do. 

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Property Tax Appeal Companies in Dekalb County

Most property owners know that the amount they pay in taxes keeps going up. Even though the average effective tax rate in Dekalb county is around 1.07%, it can vary substantially from one community to another, based on the pertinent property valuations and appraisals. The county's population is more than 740,000, and Dekalb County encompasses approximately 10% of the neighborhoods in the metropolitan Atlanta area and numerous other communities.

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Best Practices for Working With the Fulton County Board of Equalization

In Fulton County, the organizations that make a determination as to the value of your property are called the Board of Equalization. These are made up of other homeowners in the area who are appointed by the Grand Jury and who are managed by the Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts. 

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