Appeal Property Tax

Every year, homeowners in Gwinnett County receive an assessment of their property value. This assessment notification provides them information about the overall value of their home, as well as the taxable value. For many, the taxable value is the most important information, because this allows them to know whether their property taxes will increase or decrease during the coming year. 

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How to Lower Property Tax

No one wants to overpay their property taxes, yet it happens to many homeowners year-after-year. Chances are good you already pay a good amount of money on your taxes each year. When your home is reassessed, the county may decide you should be paying even more. That’s not always fair or accurate, especially with little is done to determine if your home’s value has actually risen. However, you can learn how to lower property tax rates.

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The Importance of Securing the Best Property Tax Advisors in Atlanta

If you own a property in the Atlanta and Cobb County Georgia area, you are likely well aware of how property values have been rising. While this adds long-term value to your home or property, it is also probably increasing your property tax rates. If you find this frustrating, you are not alone. We all want the benefits that come with increasing property values but are not necessarily fond of the rising property taxes that often follow them.

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What to Look for with Real Property Tax Services in Cobb County

When you're looking for real property tax services in Cobb County, there are a few things you should know to be certain you are getting everything that you need to help you with property tax. 

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How Your Property Tax Bill Is Calculated in Gwinnett County, GA


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S&P/Case-Shiller Atlanta Home Price Index

As we all sit at home with the economy at a virtual stand-still it may seem like your taxable real estate value value shouldn't be rising. However, the effective date of appraisal for tax purposes in Georgia is January 1 every year. The Covid-19 problems were not an issue until March of 2020. 

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Obtaining a Fair Tax Assessment in Gwinnett County

When purchasing a home or other property in Gwinnett County, many people don't take a long view of their investment. They are focused on making sure they're able to afford their monthly mortgage payment. Some might even go so far as to estimate their utility costs and build that into their budgets. Fewer think ahead about those occasional or yearly fees, such as maintenance and real estate taxes, that are part of every homeowner's responsibility. 

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The Property Tax Appeal Process in Atlanta, Georgia

Property owners throughout the country have a right to appeal their property tax assessment if they believe their property has been assessed at an unfairly high value, but the process of appeal varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you own property in Atlanta, Georgia -- specifically in Clayton County -- here are the steps that a property tax appeal involves and why you'll want to hire a property tax services firm.

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How Property Tax Reduction Consultant Reviews Work

Property taxes are not something many homeowners or business owners think about enough. Yet, when an assessment is done, and the value of the property is suddenly significantly higher, that hits the budget hard. Property tax reduction consultant reviews can offer insight into who you can use to lower your property tax burden. They can provide evidence that this type of significant increase is justified or that it is not. If not, they can be used to work on a reduction in the taxes you owe.

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Why Hiring a Fulton County Property Tax Expert in a Volatile Market Is the Right Choice

Right now the world is filled with uncertainty. And the housing market is no exception. Will property values be going up or going down? It can seem like things are changing every moment. That is why more than ever, now is the right time to hire a property tax consultant who will make sure you are not paying extra in property taxes. When choosing property tax consultants Atlanta offers many choices, but to get the best service it's a good idea to choose one who is deeply familiar with Fulton county and will best understand both how long-term trends work in the area, while being most up-to-date on the currently shifting situation.

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