Atlanta, GA Area Property Tax Protest Companies

No one wants to pay more than necessary when it comes to items in their budgets, including taxes. When it comes to personal or commercial property taxes however, assessments can frequently be subjective. This can lead to assessments that are too high for a variety of reasons. Assessments are not an exact science, and that is why there is a process for protesting property tax assessments. While this is a process an individual can embark upon by themselves, most are too busy. This is where a tax protest company can provide value.

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Gwinnett County Tax Assessment

It’s almost tax season once again and it will be time for the federal and state governments to collect their fair share over the coming months. You may have questions about the Gwinnett tax assessment process and you may want to know the things that can be done if you feel that your tax assessment is wrong.  

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Georgia Property Tax Law Changes

Georgia House Bill 202 was passed and signed by the Governor in May of 2015. The bill is in full force and effect starting in tax year 2016. This article addresses some of the changes that have the biggest impact on the property tax appeal process. 

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Cobb County GA Property Taxes: Scheduled Site Visits

In accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 48-5-264.1), the chief appraiser, other members of the county property appraisal staff, and members of the county board of tax assessors may go upon property outside of buildings, posted or otherwise, in order to carry out the duty of updating property records to facilitate the estimating of the fair market values of taxable property in the county.

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Gwinnett County Tax Assessor Notices Were Out First in 2012

The Gwinnett County tax assessor was first out of the gate in 2012 when their notices were released on April 6, 2012. It remains to be seen whether they will be the first out again in 2013, but my guess is yes! (Update, they were!) It is officially tax time here in the great state of Georgia and everyone in Gwinnett County should be on the lookout for a 2013 property tax assessment notice. I know that last year people in the Gwinnett County tax assessors commercial section were saying that they thought their full service hotel values were too low, so I think you may see those rise.

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ATLANTA (MARCH 14, 2013) -- Companies and individuals thinking about filing a property tax appeal for 2013 are in luck.

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Tax Assessors Make the Best Property Tax Consultants

After working with a lot of different people in the property tax consulting business I’ve come to the conclusion that the best people to do this type of work are those that are former tax assessor employees. Having a solid understanding of the mass appraisal process that the tax assessors use is a great advantage when you are working with tax assessment personnel and trying to negotiate a lower value. Being able to relate to the County assessment staff, understanding what their job is, understanding the parameters that they need to work within, and what you can and cannot do if you want to keep their trust is vital.

 I can’t say that I’ve worked for every board of tax assessors in the world but I have worked for two different counties both Fulton County, Georgia, and Prince William County, Virginia, so you could say I know the property tax assessments, and appeals process inside and out. Having been the commercial appraiser manager for Fulton County, Georgia Board of Tax Assessors provides insight into the regular day-to-day operations there.  When I walk into county tax assessment departments and can talk to the county appraiser and let them know that I used to do exactly what they do, that develops instant rapport.

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Property Tax Appeals - Using the Income Approach

The Income Approach uses capitalization to convert the anticipated benefits of the ownership of property into an estimate of present value.

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Property Tax Appeals - Using the Sales Comparison Approach

    The Sales Comparison Approach estimates a property’s value (or some other characteristic, such as its depreciation) by reference to comparable sales.

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    Property Tax Appeals - Using the Cost Approach

    The cost approach to value is the most widely used approach by tax assessors in the mass appraisal process. It is defined as: 

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