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How to Protest Your Property Taxes in Fulton County

One of the great things about living in Fulton County is that if you don't actually agree with the Current Year Value on your home's assessment notice, you can file an appeal in a few different ways. You can file online or manually through the mail, so long as you do so by the deadline date printed on the notice you received.

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How to Win a Property Tax Appeal in Cobb County

Many States give local counties the ability to tax the property owners that live there based on the value of the real estate itself - and Georgia is definitely among them. In Cobb County, you'll receive a tax assessment notice on a yearly basis. This will outline what Cobb County thinks your property is worth, why they think that and more - all to give you an idea of what your property taxes are based on.

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Why DeKalb County Property Tax Appeal Services Matter More Than You Realize

Every year in DeKalb County, you'll receive an Assessment Notice in the mail. It will come from the Property Appraisal Department, and it will outline what they believe to be the current fair market value of your home - a number that will be used to dictate how much you'll pay in property taxes moving forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Board of Assessors in Fulton County

The Fulton County Board of Assessors is a group of individuals who appraise all real and personal property throughout the county. Additionally, they maintain records of property ownership, maintain property tax maps, prepare your real and personal property tax digest on a yearly basis and more.

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Best Practices for Working With the Cobb County Assessment Appeals Board

The Cobb County Board of Tax Assessors, as the name suggests, is the group of people who are responsible for determining the value of all taxable property in Cobb County on an annual basis. Members are appointed by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and always serve four year terms.

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Everything You Need to Know About Property Tax Protest Companies in Gwinnett County

Every April, Notices of Assessment are mailed out to anyone who lives and owns property in Gwinnett County, Georgia. This will contain an overview of the current assessed value of your property - something that directly impacts the amount you'll pay in property taxes.

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The Process For How to Properly Dispute Your Property Tax in Fulton County

In Fulton County, it's the Tax Commissioner that is in charge of collecting property taxes on behalf of the local government every year. Your property taxes go to fund the school systems, the local governments and other entities of that nature.

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What You Need to Know About the Cobb County Board of Equalization

In Cobb County, the Board of Equalization is actually a division of the Superior Court Clerk. It's made up of three people who live in Cobb County and who own real property within the area.

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The Ins and Outs of Working With the Board of Assessment Appeals in DeKalb County

In DeKalb County, the Property Appraisal Department is made up of hardworking men and women who decide the value of your home every year. This is managed by the Chief Appraiser, who is working directly under the supervision of the Board of Assessors.

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How to Fight Property Taxes in Cobb County, Georgia

At some point, it happens to all homeowners: you get an assessment notice in the mail that contains the fair market value of your home, only you don't actually agree with the amount listed. Maybe it's too high because there is some type of issue that the assessor couldn't have possibly been aware of. Maybe the market isn't nearly as strong as they assume it to be. Regardless, the end result is the same: suddenly you're paying far more money in property taxes than you should be.

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