The Property Tax Appeal Process in Atlanta, Georgia

Property owners throughout the country have a right to appeal their property tax assessment if they believe their property has been assessed at an unfairly high value, but the process of appeal varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you own property in Atlanta, Georgia -- specifically in Clayton County -- here are the steps that a property tax appeal involves and why you'll want to hire a property tax services firm.

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Know the People behind the Property Tax Appeal Process

Many property owners and taxpayers entrust the entire property tax appeal process to their tax consultant, an understandable decision considering the complexity of the process and papers involved. But this shouldn’t be for many reasons, such as the fact that the real property at stake is theirs, not the tax consultant’s asset. Their active participation, although in varying degrees depending on their personal decision, is also a must, if only to gain useful knowledge about the people behind the process.

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Important Things to Know When Your Property is Assessed by GA Tax Assessors

While it might be frustrating, one of the costs of owning a home is paying your property taxes. Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but it is a part of life and when you get mail from the GA tax assessors, it’s crucial to stay on top of it. Those who have owned a home for years are likely used to this part of life, but new buyers may not be aware of the impact that property taxes can have on their annual income.

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Tips to Help Reduce Your Property Taxes in Georgia

Are you sick and tired of paying so much in property taxes? While it is true that your property taxes go to helping make the community a better place, it does not mean that you should be paying more than what you truly owe in taxes. However, there are many people who are paying far too much in taxes each year for one reason or another. In some cases, it could be due to the assessment of your property by the DeKalb County tax assessor. It might be showing that the value of the home is higher than it really is. It could also be that you are not using exemptions that you should. Let’s examine some of the best ways to help you reduce your property taxes.

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Georgia Property Tax Appeals: New Georgia Property Tax Law

As of July 1, 2013, any appeal related adjustments to value are subject to these new provisions. The taxpayer may be charged interest on tax amounts due when the taxpayer owes the county money after the property tax appeal is resolved. Likewise, the tax commissioner may owe interest on refunds owed the taxpayer after the property tax appeal is resolved.  

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Gwinnett County Tax Assessor: 2013 Property Tax Bills Are Out!

The Gwinnett County Tax Assessor’s office has now issued the 2013 Property Tax Bills to the
residential as well as the commercial property owners.

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Fair Assessments, LLC vs. Appraisers

This article contrasts the work done by Fair Assessments, LLC vs. Appraisers. During the recent real estate depression (some might say ongoing) many people saw that there was money to be made in property tax reduction work and got into the business. Many of the people/companies that have gotten into this work are real estate appraisers. Some people might think that this is a natural extension of what appraisers already do for a living. They might be wrong. 

The appraisal business has changed a lot since I did this work twenty years ago. The government, in the name of protecting federally insured institutions and the public, has (unintentionally) driven down the price of a real estate appraisal. There are a handfull of large companies that make software for appraisers, and some of them saw a way to make more money by providing marketing services to appraisers. One that I am aware of, a la mode inc., pushes it's print and email marketing software to appraisers that "will proactively help you get new clients that pay higher fees."

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