Understanding the Clayton County Property Tax Appeal Process

Posted by Daniel Jones on Dec 30, 2019 12:00:00 PM

You may be one of the many taxpayers who will want to file a Clayton county property tax appeal when the tax assessment notices are mailed out. Your chances for a winning appeal will increase when you have basic knowledge about the process. 

Deadline for Filing of Property Tax Appeal

If you disagree with the appraised value of your property as reflected on the tax assessment notice, you can file a Clayton county property tax appeal. You have 45 days from the date printed on the notice to file the appeal. Failure to submit your appeal within the 45-day appeal period will result in the assessment notice being considered as final.  So if you want to reduce your property taxes, your best bet is to appeal the Clayton County tax assessment notice within the appeal period. 

Process for Filing an Appeal

While filing for a property tax appeal can be done by yourself, you are well-advised to hire an experienced tax consultant with a comprehensive knowledge of the Clayton County property tax assessment appeal process. The experienced tax consultant will file the appeal, gather the necessary documents, and represent your case during the hearing, among other things. 

However, you will also benefit from knowing the basics of the property tax appeal process. You must file a letter of appeal. Your letter should contain information regarding the property (e.g., property identification code) as well as the reasons for your appeal, such as value and uniformity, or errors made by the appraisers in determining its appraised value. 

Clayton County receives and processes your letter of appeal; you may receive a letter of acknowledgement from the county regarding its receipt and the placement of your property under an appeal status. Take note that even though your property is in appeal, you are still required to pay property tax although on a temporary basis.

A staff appraiser will be assigned to review your property and its disputed value. During the review, a staff appraiser will review the value assigned to your property by studying your property’s characteristics and visiting it again. 

After the review, you should receive either of two types of letter from the Board of Assessors. First, a “No Change Letter” that indicates the Board of Assessors stands by its appraised value.  Your appeal will then be automatically forwarded to the Board of Equalization.  Second, a “30 Day Letter” indicates that the Board of Assessors has revised their opinion about your property’s appraised value and has offered another listed value. You can either accept or reject the value listed on the letter. 

Do you have more questions about the Clayton County property tax assessment appeal process? Hire Fair Assessments, LLC to increase your chances for a winning appeal.

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