Clayton County Property Tax Appeal: The Board of Equalization

When your Clayton County property tax appeal is certified or forwarded to the Board of Equalization, the body schedules a hearing to establish your property’s value. The Board of Equalization members are appointed for three-year terms by the Grand Jury with the body placed under the oversight and supervision of the Clerk of Court. The members are also property owners in Clayton County, at least high school graduates, and have no conflicts of interest, such as being a member of a governing authority of a county, consolidate ed government, and municipality as well as a member or employee of county tax assessors or appraisers. 

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Check the Property Cards before Filing a Clayton Property Tax Appeal

Before you go ahead and file for a Clayton property tax appeal, it is well-advised to check the property cards for your home and your neighbors’ homes first. These property cards can be easily and lawfully obtained, so there’s no need to worry.

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Understanding the Clayton County Property Tax Appeal Process

You may be one of the many taxpayers who will want to file a Clayton county property tax appeal when the tax assessment notices are mailed out. Your chances for a winning appeal will increase when you have basic knowledge about the process. 

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