The Tax Appeal Process in Gwinnett County

If you own a residential or commercial property in Gwinnett County, Georgia, you are probably aware of the rapidly rising property values. These increasing values create a chain reaction, of sorts, in increasing tax assessments in the county and a corresponding increase in property taxes. If you find yourself scratching your head each year when receiving your property tax assessment and wonder if you have any recourse, we have good news for you. Gwinnett County provides an appeals process for your assessment that could lead to reduced taxes. 

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The Tax Appeal Process in Cobb County

Have you been taken aback by the increase in a property tax assessment on your Atlanta, GA area or Cobb County, Georgia area property? Certainly, property values in the region are increasing, but how can you be assured your assessment is fair? The good news is that residents who own properties in Cobb County can appeal their assessment. The tax appeal process in Cobb County is specific and can be a bit time-consuming. You can choose to go it alone or use a tax assessment appeal service like Here is a look at the assessment appeal process in Cobb County.

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Understanding the Tax Appeal Process in Fulton County

If you own a property in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia area, that property will be assessed annually for its “fair market value”. But what is fair market value, who decides what that is, and how would you know if that assessment is fair? Most importantly, what steps can you take to challenge that assessment in Fulton County? 

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How Tax Assessors Use Sales to Value Property
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