Dekalb Property Tax Appeal and Your Right to Information

When you file a Dekalb property tax appeal, you should think of it as making your case in a court of law. You have to gather the evidence to support your proposed value for the subject real property so as to counter the Tax Assessor’s assessed value. Your evidence of which can consist of property cards, independent appraisals (i.e., use the appraisal from a recent refinancing plan), and comparable sales data.

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Proactive Ways in Reducing Property Tax for New Dekalb Homeowners

When you become a first-time homeowner, you will understandably be so excited about moving into your new Dekalb home. But even in your excitement, you shouldn’t forget about your rights and responsibilities related to property ownership. You should think about the proactive ways to reduce property tax so that the property tax bill doesn’t become a surprise and shock later on.

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The BOE Phase of the Dekalb Property Tax Appeal Process

The second phase of the DeKalb County property tax appeal process is the appeal to the BOE, a three-member panel with DeKalb County property owners on board.  Each member is chosen based on specific qualifications including attendance in at least 40 hours of training in state property tax laws including the appraisal process and procedures. 

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Win a Dekalb Property Tax Appeal by Being an Informed Property Owner

Many property owners continue paying the property taxes on their assets without even a pip of a fight. This is such a shame considering that a property tax increase can be challenged – or more appropriately, the property’s assessed value as determined by the county’s local tax assessors can be challenged via a formal Dekalb property tax appeal. Emphasis must be made that there are no avenues for appealing a property tax bill once the Office of the Tax Commissioner has sent it to the concerned property owner. 

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How Tax Assessors Use Sales to Value Property
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