Successfully Making a Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jul 2, 2021 5:30:00 PM

Every year in Gwinnett County, the Board of Assessors sends out a notice of assessment that outlines, among other things, the current value of your property. This number is very important, as it directly impacts the amount of money you can expect to pay in property taxes.

Should you disagree with this assessment for whatever reason, you have 45 days from the date on the mailing to file an appeal. Doing so can absolutely decrease the amount you can expect to pay in taxes, which is why this is an important step to take. Actually going through this process, however, requires you to keep a few important things in mind. 


How to Win a Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal

When filing your appeal - either in mail or electronically via the Board of Assessors' website - the most important thing for you to do is be as detailed as you can.

Obviously, a representative from the board didn't come into your home to make their assessment - meaning that you may have access to information that they simply don't have. They'll likely use information about recent home sales of comparable properties when determining the value of your own, which isn't often the best way to judge a home's fair market value.

Therefore, along with your appeal you'll want to include as much supporting documentation as you can. Clearly make your case and explain in great detail why you think the assessed value is too high. Absolutely any documents that you can offer that back up your point of view should be included at this point. 

The good news is that if the board reviews your appeal and makes a determination, this isn't your only chance to correct the situation. Once you learn of the outcome, you have 40 days from the date on the second notice you receive to formally reject the amended value. At that point, you can continue the appeal process and continue to make your case for a lower total. 

Successfully making a property tax appeal in Gwinnett County is certainly possible - but it also requires a lot of time, care and effort to get right. That's why we always encourage homeowners to let Fair Assessments do the fighting on their behalf. Over the last two decades we've learned more than just how to win a property tax appeal - we've also learned how to streamline this process, getting to the outcome you're after in the fastest and most effective way possible.

To find out more about successfully making a Gwinnett County property tax appeal, or to get answers to any other specific questions you might have, please don't hesitate to contact Fair Assessments today.

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