Dekalb County Property Tax Appeal Process Explained

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jan 8, 2020 9:38:00 AM

If you are planning to file a Dekalb County property tax appeal, you must know how it works. Whether you’re planning to appeal by yourself or hire a Dekalb county tax consultant to do the job, it pays to know how the entire process works.  In summary, the appeals filed before the BOE follows this process:

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The Board of Assessors

The Board of Assessors (BOA) reviews your appeal papers. You will receive one of two types of letter, namely, the No Change Letter and the 30-day Letter. The No Change Letter means that the Tax Assessor’s property value stands and your appeal has been forwarded automatically to the BOE; no action on your part at this point is required.

The 30-day Letter means that the BOA has changed its assessed value, which can be higher or lower than the original value and/or your proposed value. You can either accept or reject the BOA’s new property value. As its name implies, you have to formally inform (i.e., in writing) the BOA about your decision to accept or reject its new value. 

If you accept the new value, you’re effectively accepting it as the value used in computing your final tax bill for the applicable year. You’re now finished with the appeal process – at least for the year in question.

If you reject the new value, you should inform the BOA about it. Your appeal will also be automatically forwarded to the BOE for proper action.

The Board of Equalization

The BOE will set a hearing date wherein the county appraiser and property owner will present evidence regarding their proposed values for the subject property. The hearing date also follows strict guidelines – it should be within 30 days after the notice of appeal but not earlier than 20 days from said date.

During the BOE hearing, both sides can present their valid evidence for a specific number of minutes. While you may have presentation skills, we strongly suggest letting your tax advisor handle the matter, especially in presenting the evidence. In turn, the evidence should be persuasive in terms of substance and form to increase your chances of a winning appeal.

After the hearing, the BOE members will usually conduct deliberations. You and your tax advisor as well as the county’s representative and may be allowed to listen to the deliberations but both parties aren’t allowed to participate. The Board will then make its final decision, as made in a private setting and expressed in a formal document signed by all of the members. You should receive the decision within 10 days after the hearing.

If you are still dissatisfied with the BOE’s decision, you can lodge your appeal at the Superior Court at this stage.  If you need help with your Dekalb County property tax appeal, you can contact Fair Assessments, LLC and enjoy reduced property taxes later! 

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