Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I appeal my assessment?

Real estate values have fallen and they won't get back to their previous peak for some time.

Will the county hold this against me?

No. There are good reasons why there is a tax assessment appeal process. The mass appraisal system that the counties use is imperfect. They can only be right some of the time.

Why should I use your company?

Please take a look at my qualifications. If you can find someone as qualified that will work for less, use them.

How long will this take?

Only the Tax Man can say. It depends on the county and the number of appeals they receive. For example, in Georgia you can be confident that Gwinnett and Cobb County appeals will be settled in the same tax year as the assessment notice. Fulton County appeals could be heard any time in the next two years.

When should I contact Fair Assessments?

Right Now