BRONZE Letter of Engagement

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This letter of engagement confirms that we, Fair Assessments, LLC, (“Fair Assessments”) have been retained by you (the “Client”), to provide the property tax services (the “Services”) as set out below in connection with the property tax assessment to be appealed.

Scope of Services

  • Review the proposed residential assessment notices issued by the various Tax Assessors. During this process, we will review the subject property and market data to identify and develop opportunities for reduced property tax assessments.
  • As appropriate, prepare and timely file protests, notices of appeal, or other documents necessary to challenge, either informally or formally, the property tax assessments.
  • The appeal will be to the Board of Equalization. Fair Assessments will attend a Board of Equalization hearing on client's behalf provided the hearing date and time is provided in a timely manner. Services for superior court appeals are not provided under this agreement.


Client will pay Fair Assessments a professional fee of $295 per single family location for the Services at the time of engagement. No other fees will be due Fair Assessments.


This engagement will cover services related to the 2019 tax year, and will remain in effect until all services have been completed or ceased.

Other Terms and Provisions

Except in the event of our willful misconduct or fraud, in no event will we be liable to you (or any person claiming through you) under this Letter of Engagement, under any legal theory, for any amount in excess of the total professional fees paid by you to us under this Letter of Engagement or any addendum to which the claim relates.

You accept and acknowledge that Fair Assessments does not guarantee any results or tax savings as a result of its services.

Client agrees that Fair Assessments has the authority to settle the appeal at any value deemed appropriate by Fair Assessments.

The Client agrees to forward any property tax correspondence from the taxing jurisdiction(s) to Fair Assessments in a timely manner. The Client acknowledges that Fair Assessments shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from Fair Assessments’ non-receipt of taxing jurisdiction correspondence in a timely manner. 

Client agrees that the Terms of this Engagement Letter are to be interpreted pursuant to Georgia Law and that any dispute that arises as a result of Client’s engagement of Fair Assessments will be litigated in the courts of DeKalb County, Georgia at the option of Fair Assessments.

Confirmation of Terms of Engagement Letter to Provide Property Tax Consulting Services

Having read this Letter of Engagement from Fair Assessments, LLC, we acknowledge acceptance of and agree to engage Fair Assessments, LLC upon the terms of the same.


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