Why You Should Hire a Dekalb County Property Tax Consultant

Posted by Daniel Jones on Mar 9, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Many property owners choose not to hire a Dekalb county property tax consultant and just rely on their own self-taught knowledge and skills about the property taxation system. They think that the cost of hiring said tax professional is just an unnecessary expense. But this is not so because taxpayers can benefit from the expertise of these tax professionals.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when you hire an experienced tax consultant especially when it comes to your real property taxes. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that you must still weigh the pros and cons of your decision, such as when your property tax assessment and bill seem fair.

Staying Updated

Tax rules and regulations can change without widespread public notice especially as it is within the tax authority’s prerogative.  This is true for the current millage rate that can differ from the past year’s rate.  Fortunately, you can hire a Dekalb county property tax consultant who will provide important information about the current rules and regulations affecting your property in general and your taxes in particular.

Think of it as getting your own tax mentor and consultant in one package.  With the new information, you can make smarter tax-related decisions.  You can even save money on taxes without evading your civic duties. 

Getting Correct Assessments

It is important to always check your property tax assessment and tax bill for accuracy. You will observe either or both of two things: first, the tax assessment is higher than you expected considering the assessed values of the properties in your area; and second, the tax bill differs from the tax assessment but both appear to be higher than you expected, too.  With an experienced Dekalb county property tax consultant on your side, you can appeal your tax assessment, thus, reducing your tax bill.

Saving Money

You can save money on taxes when you hire the best Dekalb county property tax consultant. Your tax assessments can be appealed so that you can get a fair assessment of your property. Your payable property taxes can then be reduced and you will enjoy savings.

There’s also the case for filing accurate tax forms.  Keep in mind that incorrect information including errors, either inclusion of erroneous data or exclusion of critical data, can land you in hot water with the tax authorities. You can pay for substantial penalties, surcharges and fines for your errors or omissions. 

With a tax consultant to look over your tax forms, you can lessen the risks for making these errors or omitting items in your taxes.  You can save money not just on the reduced taxes but you can also save money because you skipped on the penalties, surcharges and fines. 

What are you waiting for? Hire Fair Assessments, LLC now and get the best on your side! 

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