Why Now Is a Good Time to Hire a Property Tax Consultant

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 15, 2020 9:30:00 AM

With every election comes a new potential for tax changes. Many times, this impacts the taxable value of your property. When taxes are increased, perhaps to pay for new services or increasing costs, it is very common for property owners to see a much larger tax bill. Sometimes, it’s important to consider this from a value perspective. Has the value of the home increased?

How a Property Tax Consultant Can Help You

A Gwinnett County property tax consultant provides you with information and solutions to ever-increasing property taxes. While the tax assessor is responsible for assessing the property and then issuing an assessment notice of the current taxable value, a property tax consultant can provide a less biased review of the property.

If you believe the value of your property is not as high as the tax assessor states, you have the right to appeal that decision. There is limited time to do this under county law – just 45 days from the time you receive the tax assessment. You cannot change this value come tax time, but you can file a request for a change sooner.

One key time to do this is when no one has come to your property to provide an accurate tax assessment. If the tax assessor is only using documentation and information about the property from records and documents on file, that’s not providing a clear picture of what should be expected. By requesting this type of field visit or providing information, not in those documents, it may be possible to change the assessment.

How can you do this with success? In Gwinnett County, a property tax consultant is the most important party to call. When you have a professional who can provide accurate information and detailed insight into the actual value of a property based on knowledge in the area, you are going to get better results.

Taxes change every year. Do you want to keep paying more than you should? If not, a property tax consultant can help you appeal any recent assessment to determine the accurate value of your property.

Find the Support You Need

Our property tax consultant in Gwinnett County can answer all of your questions and give you insight into the accuracy of any tax assessment. Don’t wonder about your property’s value. Use our services to find out what is accurate.

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