Why Hiring a Fulton County Property Tax Expert in a Volatile Market Is the Right Choice

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 27, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Right now the world is filled with uncertainty. And the housing market is no exception. Will property values be going up or going down? It can seem like things are changing every moment. That is why more than ever, now is the right time to hire a property tax consultant who will make sure you are not paying extra in property taxes. When choosing property tax consultants Atlanta offers many choices, but to get the best service it's a good idea to choose one who is deeply familiar with Fulton county and will best understand both how long-term trends work in the area, while being most up-to-date on the currently shifting situation.

How Does a Property Tax Appeal Work in Fulton County?

Once the Board of Tax Assessors has sent the required notice of assessment, property owners have 45 days to appeal the value set forth in the assessment. The appeal can be based on the following factors:

  • Taxability: To appeal that some of the assessed value is not actually taxable.
  • Value: To appeal that the assessed value is set to high. 
  • Uniformity: To appeal that the assessed value is not in line with the value of similar properties.
  • Denial of an exemption: To appeal that an exemption was incorrectly not granted.

It is not necessary to choose just one factor on which to base an appeal, but rather an appeal can be based on a combination of factors. By hiring an expert, your appeal will be put together, using local knowledge, with the strongest supporting factors possible. Choosing a consultant who knows Fulton County means choosing one familiar with the assessed value of similar properties in the area, who is expert on what property is non-taxable, who knows what exemptions will work and who is well-positioned to know the overall lowest possible assessed value of a property.

With a market that is heading into a world of uncertainty, it's more important than ever not to pay extra on property taxes. This means not only knowing how to put together the strongest appeal, but being able to respond quickly so as to best adapt to these changing times. Everyone is concerned about their finances, but during economic downturns, an appeal of property taxes, when done correctly, can be an unexpected and important source of income for property owners. 

Nobody knows the future, especially in today's world, but by choosing property tax consultants Atlanta knows you'll be giving yourself the best chance of paying the lowest possible property taxes in a world filled with financial uncertainty. 


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