What you Need to Know about the Fulton County Property Tax

Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 23, 2019 9:10:00 AM

Not all Fulton property owners may be aware of the facts behind the Fulton county property tax assessments. Keep in mind that every county has its own rules and regulations about the property tax although there will be similarities in terms of federal and state laws. 

Being a responsible taxpayer, it is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations for each year instead of making assumptions which can result in costly errors. Here are the vital facts that you must know about the Fulton county property tax assessments.

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Differences in Functions of the Tax Assessor and Commissioner

A lot of taxpayers think that the tax assessor and the tax commissioner are one and the same person. However, they perform complementary yet distinct functions. The tax commissioner calculates, prints, and distributes tax bills as well as collects the taxes on property.  On the other hand, the tax assessor only appraises real and personal properties, process property appeals, and process exemption applications, among others.

From the abovementioned delineation of duties, the tax assessor’s job ends where the tax commissioner’s job begins – the tax assessment becomes one of the bases for the Fulton county property tax bill.  In other words, the tax assessor is not the appropriate forum to appeal your tax bill – and this is with the assumption that you can appeal your tax bill. 

Tax Bills cannot be Appealed

Under the law, you cannot appeal your property’s tax bill as the amount is due and demandable.  Fortunately, all is not lost for property owners when it comes to appealing their Fulton county property tax assessment.  This is because you can appeal your tax assessment based on your assessed property value within 45 days after receipt of your assessment notice, as issued by the tax assessor.  So if you’re planning to file a property tax appeal, make sure you know when the annual notice of assessments are mailed.

Every day counts when you want to reduce your property tax bill. Keep in mind that the reduction of your property tax bill will partly depend on the reduction – or at least, the fair assessment – of the assessed value of your property. 

You can file your appeal for inaccurate assessed value for your property at the Board of Assessors. Your appeal must either be via an online filing, an appeal form, or by writing a formal letter. You must have done your research about previous year’s sales and the property values in your neighborhood so that you can make a good case. For assistance on your Fulton county property tax appeal, contact Fair Assessments, LLC today!

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