What Types of Appeals can a Cobb Tax Consultant Handle?

Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 11, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Appealing your property tax assessment requires comprehensive skills and knowledge about property tax rules and regulations. It also demands time, effort and energy, which may not possess. So it is well-advised to hire an experienced Cobb tax consultant.

Here are the four types of appeals a tax consultant can handle.

Residential Property Appeals

Every year, majority of the appeals filed in Cobb county are residential properties. This can be due to two factors, the volatility of the housing market and the frequent fluctuations of average home prices.  These factors can cause possible substantial inaccuracies in the computerized mass appraisal process. Having an expert property tax consultant handle your appeal gives you an assurance that they will look into the relevant characteristics of your residential property.

Commercial Property Appeals

The tax appeal process for a Cobb commercial property is the same for residential property, as it is true for industrial and agricultural property. But there are differences in the complexity of the appeal because of the inherent differences in the size, use and income, among other factors, of the different types of real estate. For most commercial property, the appraised values are closely related to the income and expenses on it.

Industrial Property Appeals

Just like other types of commercial properties, industrial properties can be appraised using the income and the sale comparison approaches to value. Industrial properties that are leased, such as multi-tenant warehouse properties, can be valued using the actual income and expense experience of the property to generate a value to compare to the assessment. If market rents are lower than contract rent then market rents can be used to lower the net operating income.

Some industrial properties are built-to-suit and aren’t easily compared to other sold properties. As a result, the tax assessors will often use a cost approach that estimates the cost to build new, deducts for an estimate of accrued depreciation, and adds land value for a total value estimate. The cost approach is most appropriate for newer properties so if your industrial property is older, your Cobb tax consultant has many arguments to use against the cost approach. 

Agricultural Property Appeals

Ask your Cobb tax consultant about the possibility of appealing the assessed values on agricultural property within the jurisdiction.  These tax professionals have the knowledge about the complex rules and regulations governing agricultural property from their appraisal to their taxation. 

In all cases of property assessment appeals, the concerned taxpayers will comply with a set of rules and regulations designed to provide taxpayers with a fair and equitable opportunity to present their side.  You should tap into the process but be sure to contact the best Cobb County tax advisors that your money can afford considering the complexity of the steps involved. 

At Fair Assessments, LLC, we handle the four types of property assessment appeals, namely, for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property.  Your job as a property owner is to cooperate with us in working toward a winning appeal. With your property’s assessed value reduced, your tax liability will also be reduced. 

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