What to Look for When Searching for Fulton County Property Tax Consultants

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 20, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Fulton County homeowners who are looking to file a property tax appeal will want to enlist the help of one of the most qualified property tax consultants. Property tax consultants work to identify the true value of a home's property, regardless of its intangible assets. Ultimately, Fulton County residents who hire a property tax consultant will have a better chance of success during the property tax appeal process.

Those who are searching for a property tax consultant in Fulton County will want to focus on the following criteria: 

Choose a Property Tax Consultant with Appraisal Experience

Property tax consultants cannot effectively advocate for their clients if they do not have an intimate understanding of the property appraisal process. Fulton County homeowners should select a property tax consultant who has worked in appraisals in the past and who has significant experience advocating for homeowners whose property tax assessment has come in too high. Those who have appraisal experience have a better understanding of the factors that are considered when assessing a property's value, and can therefore help homeowners prove that they are not being fairly assessed by the local government.

Verify that the Property Tax Consultant has a Track Record of Success

Those who hire a property tax consultant are making an investment, and it's important to invest in a professional who is going to provide the results that a Fulton County homeowner needs. While searching for one of the best property tax consultants, interested homeowners should ask each potential candidate about their track record. It's important to ask for a list of referrals, and to contact those past clients to learn more about their experience with that particular property tax consultant. In addition, the property tax consultant should be able to provide information about how frequently they have been able to successfully lower their clients' property taxes.

Select a Property Tax Consultant Who Will Provide You With a Realistic Expectation for Results

Obviously, any Fulton County homeowner who hires a property tax consultant has hopes that they can lower their property taxes by proving that their property tax assessment was too high. However, it is necessary for homeowners to have a realistic expectation for how much their property tax bill could actually be lowered at the end of the process. Fulton County residents should be wary of property tax consultants who promise unachievable — but seemingly desirable — results. Rather, it's better to hire a more trustworthy and honest property tax consultant who provides accurate estimates and sensible possibilities.

Property tax consultants are experienced professionals who can help guide Fulton County residents through the appeals process and advocate for them along the way. To learn more about how Fair Assessments, LLC can help you appeal your property tax assessment, contact us today.

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