What to Expect from the Board of Assessors

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The Board of Assessors in Gwinnett County and Cobb County have the task of determining the value of real estate for taxing purposes. That may seem like a simple and straightforward process, but it most often is not. It's not uncommon for a property owner to receive a notice indicating their new assessed value is significantly higher than it was, even if the property hasn't improved any. When this happens, it can be difficult to know what to do.

The Appeal Process Can Be Complex

For those who receive a notice about the value of their property increasing, thus increasing the taxable value of their home, it becomes critically important to take action. A part of that is requesting help for the process from a team with professionals who can help.

Board of Assessors

Then, you can expect the following from the appeals process and Board of Assessors:

  • The appeal period is 45 days. That means you have 45 days from the data on the Annual Notice of Assessment to take action.
  • The process can be electronic, requiring the completion of the Real Estate Property Appeal form. This form must be created carefully to ensure it is accurate and as comprehensive as possible.
  • The Board of Assessors will receive that information and then notify the property owner of the decision regarding their taxable value.

Once this happens, a property owner may elect to accept the decision or they may appeal it again. That sounds like a straightforward process, but it is important to know that the Board of Assessors requires detailed and complete information to make a decision in the favor of the property owner. That's where it becomes difficult.

How to Improve Your Ability to See Changes

The Cobb County and Gwinnett County Board of Assessors provides a specific process to follow for submitting an appeal. It's important to follow it. It is also important to ensure that the property owner fully reviews the tax assessment letter for the current year and determines if there is a real benefit or opportunity for savings in appealing the decision. It's time consuming and can be exhausting. Yet, if the information is not accurate or the data the assessor has is not complete, it's worth working through the process to update this information.

Don't Go It Alone – Seek Out Experienced Help

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the Board of Assessors is that the decision really comes down to how well you prove your case. That's why it is so important for you to gather as much information as possible and ensure it is fully accurate. Working with our team at Fair Assessments LLC can help to make that possible.


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