What Is a Property Tax Protest?

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 16, 2021 11:45:00 AM

There are times when, as a taxpayer, you may not agree with what the taxing authority is reporting, especially about your property’s value. A property tax protest means you don’t agree. As a taxpayer, you have the right to protest with the Board of Equalization , the organization that determines the value of your property. In doing so, you may be able to change the taxing authority’s  decision.

Property Tax Protest

Do You Believe the Assessment Is Inaccurate?

Once you are notified of the assessed value of the property, you may be unsure why it increased. You may believe that the value is significantly lower than it is. If you know the market, you may be able to see those inaccuracies by comparing your property to another property owner’s. If recently sold homes can be compared to your own, that can show the tax assessor a bit more about what your property value should be.

Sometimes the tax assessor just does not have the right information. They may be missing details about the condition of the home or changes that have been made to it that has reduced the overall condition and value. Other times, the information they do have is not accurate for some reason. They may be comparing your home by size, but not factors such as modernization or condition.

What Do You Do When Inaccuracies Exist?

In both Cobb County and Gwinnett County, you have the right to take action. However, you should do this soon – waiting too long may make it impossible for you to apply for an appeal. It’s best to work with a professional who can guide you through this process (it’s complicated and you do not have too much time to continue to appeal inaccuracies.) A property tax advisor like this can help to determine if problems exist and, if so, how to file an appeal with the tax assessor.

The property tax consultant’s job is to make your case – provide specific information about why the reported value is not accurate. The more information that is available, the better the decision can be.

Our team can help you. If you are struggling with the current assessment, act quickly. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you can dispute the claim through a property tax protest in your county. Doing so can help to save you money not just now but for years to come.


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