Ways to Fight the Fulton Property Tax Increase

Posted by Daniel Jones on Nov 19, 2019 12:30:00 PM

In the United States, taxes are inescapable. This is particularly true for real property owners who must pay the applicable taxes on their assets, even when the Fulton property tax increase isn’t to their liking.

Fortunately, there are several simple yet effective, often overlooked, ways to reduce your property tax burden. You have to discuss in depth these ways with your Fulton tax reduction consultant so as to explore your best options. 

Fulton property tax

Look at the Possible Exemptions

Think of the exemptions as deductions that serve as your protection from paying the full tax bill, as issued by the Fulton county tax commissioner. You must then check your eligibility for these exemptions since these will reduce your property’s assessed value and, thus, your total tax bill.

A few examples of exemptions for residential property include homestead exemptions, senior citizens, military veterans, farmers, low-income households, and people living with disabilities. You can contact your state or county authorities about it, as well as discuss your options with your Fulton tax consultant.

Even with a looming Fulton property tax increase, your tax consultant can provide advice on other ways to reduce your tax bill. You may even be qualified for a special exemption that you were previously unaware of or unqualified for.

Look at Your Property’s Add-ons

The assessed value of your property is directly related to your tax bill. For this reason, as your home increases in value, your tax bill will also increase. 

What makes your home increase in value? These include:

  • Home renovations and repairs
  • New additions, such as a new bedroom, deck or porch, and pool
  • Lawn improvements including landscaping
  • New fencing, security systems and the like

Anything that will make your home more beautiful and livable, especially when seen from the outside, will add value to your home. You should then be careful about making add-ons to your property, if and when you can’t afford to pay the corresponding increase in taxes. 

You can determine if you can afford it by asking your Fulton tax consultant, building contractor, and local taxing authority. You may be unable to hide home improvements from your local taxing authority anyway since permits must be filed. 

You may, however, contest the unjust or unfair additional assessed value on your home with its new improvements during the appeal. You must work with your tax consultant on this matter as it can also backfire against your benefit. 

Look at Your Property’s Tax Card

Before filing your property tax appeal, you should always look at your property’s tax card since there may be errors affecting your tax bill. You will be surprised by the impact of apparently simple clerical errors on your tax bill, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. 

You have the right to look at it, too. Just ask your local assessor for it and you will be provided with a photocopy.

You don’t have to be afraid of a Fulton property tax increase. You can fight it just by looking at certain things including looking at your options with Fair Assessments, LLC.

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