Vigilance Is a Must to Reduce Your Cobb County Property Tax

Posted by Daniel Jones on Feb 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Many property owners and taxpayers complain about their property tax burden year in and year out yet fail to adopt concrete actions to resolve their issues. Many of them will file assessment appeals to reduce their Cobb county property tax as soon as possible, usually within 45 days after the date reflected on the annual notice of assessment.

But here’s the thing: Some property owners and taxpayers aren’t using their time, energy and money in the most effective and efficient way possible. This is because reducing your property taxes, year in and year out, means being vigilant. Such vigilance includes making decisions about property improvements, checking the property card, and being active in the community, especially when taxes are being discussed in town hall meetings. 

Here are a few things that can contribute to your successful efforts to reduce your Cobb county property tax, even without filing an appeal on a yearly basis.

Be Conscious About the Impact of Home Improvement Projects

Of course, you shouldn’t be too conscious about the impact of your home improvement projects that you will not push through with them. You can’t let the taxman dictate your lifestyle, especially your home’s facilities and amenities, because then you will likely live in a dilapidated home. The trick is in making home improvement projects that you can actually afford, both in terms of the improvement-related and tax-related costs. 

Before planning your home improvement project, you may want to:

  • Ask a general contractor about the costs of your planned improvements and the possible increase in property value once the project is completed.
  • Ask a tax reduction consultant about the things that can be done to reduce your Cobb county property tax even with these home improvements. For example, a loft added to take advantage of the property’s existing high ceilings will be less of a tax burden than converting the home into a two-story property.

While asking around will involve more effort, it will be well worth it considering that you can get the best of both worlds.

Be Vigilant About the Entries on Your Property Tax Card

The local tax assessors partly base their property assessment values on the subject property’s card, which is kept on record in their offices. You must then check the property tax card a few weeks before the annual notices of assessment will be mailed.

You are essentially ensuring that the local tax assessors already have the correct information on which to base their assessment values. You may even find errors on your property tax card that can be corrected by the concerned staff member, thus, saving you the hassles of filing a property assessment appeal later on.

You should check that your property card has correct entries on the following:

  • Exact address
  • Number of square feet for the entire property and the home
  • Number of rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Types and number of outbuildings, improvements and extensions
  • Dates of the original home purchase and dates of assessment

Lastly, be an active member of your community. Your local tax authorities cannot just increase taxes without public consultations so be there when these happen. You can then have greater say in what taxes you pay.

When you want to reduce your Cobb county property tax, you have to treat it as a year-round concern instead of just being a concern when you receive the notice in the mail.

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