Reduce Property Tax by Filing a Dekalb Commercial Property Tax Appeal

Without a doubt, hotels are among the highest-taxed commercial property in the United States. Indeed, such is the high property taxes paid by hotels that these can account for 40% or more of their cost of occupancy. Yet, the goal to reduce property tax isn’t a high priority among many hotel owners and managers – truly, a costly mistake that can contribute to its red bottom line.

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Filing a Dekalb Commercial Property Tax Appeal

If you’re filing a Dekalb commercial property tax appeal, you will find that hiring a reliable Dekalb tax reduction consultant to become your advocate is a must. You have to make myriad decisions that you will likely be unable to make wisely for many reasons, such as your lack of knowledge and skills in dealing with the process, papers and people involved in the appeal. Your tax advisor, who will likely become your tax advocate during the appeal hearings, has the knowledge and skills for these things. 

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