Being a Good Neighbor can Help with your Clayton Property Tax Appeal

While not everybody can be great friends with their neighbors, it can pay to be a good neighbor, nonetheless. The benefits of being a good neighbor aren’t just about being on good terms with your immediate neighbors but also about reducing your burden of a high property tax by filing a Clayton property tax appeal. Here’s why it matters. 

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Check the Property Cards before Filing a Clayton Property Tax Appeal

Before you go ahead and file for a Clayton property tax appeal, it is well-advised to check the property cards for your home and your neighbors’ homes first. These property cards can be easily and lawfully obtained, so there’s no need to worry.

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Point Out the Flaw in Valuation to Win your Clayton Property Tax Appeal

If you’re a hotel owner, you should point out the flaws used in the valuation methodology in order to increase your chances of winning your Clayton property tax appeal. Many other factors should be considered in the appeal process, which your tax reduction consultant can discuss in greater detail.

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Gathering Information for your Clayton Property Tax Appeal

As with any case involving the local government, the more reliable and relevant the information presented during the hearing, the more likely a taxpayer can win the case. This is true when you file a Clayton property tax appeal. The Board of Equalization (BOE), hearing officer, arbitrators, or Superior Court judge will appreciate an organized presentation of your evidence contradicting the evidence of the local tax assessors.

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High Property Tax and your Clayton Property Tax Appeal

Just like most local governments in the United States, Clayton County imposes property taxes on personal and real property as their main source of revenue. This is the primary reason for the high property tax in the county. Your Clayton County has to levy taxes in order to pay its employees, deliver basic services, and build infrastructure, among other goals of governance.

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