The Value of Getting the Best Cobb Real Estate Tax Services

Posted by Daniel Jones on Nov 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Being a real property owner can bring headaches, from paying exorbitant property taxes to dealing with errant tenants. You may enjoy your home yet you’re becoming frustrated about its related taxes. You may also be making a profit from rental apartments but their property taxes are killing it.

Do these things sound familiar? If they do, then you should consider hiring the best provider of real estate tax services. You will find that the benefits far outweigh the cost, particularly when you’re property taxes are fair and equitable, not to mention well within your budget. 

Let the Professionals Do the Dirty Work

Taxes are a headache for the average property owner because of their complicated computations and regulations. Just when you think you’re starting to get the hang of it, the rules and regulations change! Your frustration deepens because you’re stuck in property tax hell and, thus, you can’t focus on other vital matters.

This is where the tax professionals come in to your rescue. After thorough discussions of your needs and wants in property management, the tax service provider will propose an effective, efficient and responsive program. The program will cover numerous aspects including but not limited to:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the real property assets in terms of their tax impact
  • Filing of appeals at the Board of Equalization and other pertinent bodies in case of disputes about the assessed values and tax payable (The service will include doing the paperwork and attending the hearings, among others)
  • Providing advice on the accuracy of the assessed value and related tax

While you should still play an active part in these aspects of property management, you can trust the tax service provider to do many of the burdensome tasks. You can rely on him, too, to be on your side during appeals. 

Choose from Numerous Services

While every property owner has unique issues, you and your fellow owners share numerous common issues. The best property tax service providers know it and, thus, they have a full suite of services available. You can choose two or more services depending on your unique situation and ask for personalization options. 

These services include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Portfolio management, particularly in the valuation of the property and the appropriate application of corresponding taxes
  • Parcel research, specifically in verifying the correctness of the information listed on the property cards (e.g., lot area, floor area and new additions)
  • Processing of tax payments, from notifying about upcoming deadlines to checking the entries on the tax forms and paying the tax bill on time. This is crucial in avoiding interests, surcharges and penalties on delinquent tax payments.

As with all contracts, you have to be careful about reading the fine print on the service contract between yourself and the tax service provider. Each party’s roles and responsibilities should be clearly spelled out on the contract, from the fees to be paid to the reports that should be submitted. 


Of course, these professional tax services come with a cost.  You have to weigh the costs against the benefits before hiring the service provider lest you find yourself at a disadvantage.

And don’t look too far in your search. You will find that Fair Assessments, LLC is the best provider of professional tax services in the State of Georgia, thanks to its 30-year experience in property assessment and appeals.

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