The Tax Appeal Process in DeKalb County

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jul 16, 2021 7:15:00 AM

As is true with most other counties in Georgia, DeKalb County allows you to file an appeal of the assessment notice for your property that you get in the mail every year. On that notice will be the current listed value of your home - a number that directly impacts the amount you'll be asked to pay in property taxes. 

Should you feel that number is too high, it means you're also paying too much in taxes - meaning that it's in your own best interest to file an appeal.

Should you choose to do so, you actually have three different avenues of appeal to choose from depending on your needs. Each one is slightly unique, meaning there may be no "one size fits all" decision with regards to which one you should pick.

Tax Appeal Process

Tax Appeals in DeKalb County: An Overview

The first option available to you involves taking your case directly to the Board of Equalization. This is a three member panel made up of property owners in the county like yourself. Each has at least 40 hours of training in both property tax laws and appraisal. Should you select this option, you'll be given a date for a hearing - at which point the Board of Equalization will review your evidence supporting a lower value and hear your case. There is no charge for this option.

The second option involves going through non-binding arbitration - something that will see you pay for a certified appraisal of your home by way of a qualified appraisal. At that point the county will either accept the appraisal - meaning the value they offer becomes final - or they will reject it and you will go through arbitration to reach some type of conclusion.

The final option involves meeting with a hearing officer who will review your case in detail. Once the hearing has finished, the hearing officer will notify both you and the county of their decision - at which point you can file an additional appeal within 30 days. 

At Fair Assessments, we understand that the tax appeal process in DeKalb County can be equal parts stressful and time-consuming. That's why we're prepared to handle everything on your behalf, leveraging the full power of our years of experience to your advantage. We've been through this process many times and we know how to achieve the outcomes you're after. At that point, you're free to focus on those matters that truly need your attention - exactly as it should be.

So to find out more information about the tax appeal process in DeKalb County, or to get answers to any other specific questions you might have, please don't delay - contact Fair Assessments today.

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