Reduce your Property Taxes by Hiring the Best Gwinnett Tax Consultant

Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 15, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Many property owners will accept the assessed values of their real and personal property instead of contesting their accuracy by hiring the best Gwinnett County tax consultant. The common reason: Hiring the tax consultant will be costlier than paying the property taxes.

While hiring a tax consultant to contest the tax assessment will not be applicable in all cases, a simple cost and benefit analysis will reveal that the benefits outweigh the costs. This is particularly true for property assessments where the assessed value according to the tax assessor is substantially different from the assessed value according to the homeowner’s research. Keep in mind that even a few thousand dollars in difference between the assessed values will have a considerable impact on the tax bill. 

Expert Guidance

It must be emphasized that a Gwinnett County tax consultant cannot protest the tax bill issued by the tax commissioner. Instead, the tax professional can only protest the county’s assessed value for your real and personal property. The importance of filing your tax assessment appeal within 45 days after the date on the notice cannot be overemphasized.

With a tax consultant on your appeals case, you have an experienced professional who will provide the following relevant services: 

  • Review of the county’s appraisal records and methodologies.
  • Discovery of possible errors in assessments that contributed to the excessive assessment and estimated taxes.
  • Filing of protests or appeals including gathering of the relevant documents.
  • Guidance during the appeals process.
  • Attend all property tax appeal hearings.
  • Help you and advise you on getting a three year tax assessment freeze.

The bottom line: The fee asked by the best Gwinnett County tax consultant will be well worth it. You can enjoy substantial reduction in property taxes with his professional assistance on matters related to your real and personal property tax assessment appeal.  You can be assured of the tax consultant’s aggressive approach toward winning your appeal.

Core Business

While you can file an appeal without a Gwinnett County tax consultant, you are well-advised to hire the professional.  You are not well-versed about the appraisal methodologies, appeals process, and tax matters, which will considerably decrease your chances for winning.

In contrast, an experienced tax consultant makes it his business to know these things because these are part and parcel of his core business. You can entrust most of the matters related to your tax assessment appeal into the tax professional’s capable hands. 

As the saying goes, you can pull your own tooth by yourself but it is not necessarily a good idea – and it applies to filing your tax assessment appeal when you have a busy life to lead. 

As to the fee of the Gwinnett County tax consultant, you should not worry too much about it. You can choose from various fee structures, such as fixed fee, contingency fee, and hybrid fee, to suit your financial status. 

At Fair Assessments, LLC, we make certain that we work in your best interest and we always look into getting a three year assessment freeze for your Gwinnett county residential or commercial property.

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