Gwinnett Real Estate Tax Consultants as Your Advocate

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jan 10, 2020 2:00:00 PM

The best Gwinnett real estate tax consultants do their jobs well because they keep in mind their most important role – as advocates for their clients, especially when appealing their property assessment values with the local taxing authorities. Indeed, all the other roles and responsibilities of real property tax consultants are secondary in nature. 

Here are a few things to know about their job as your advocate. Keep these things in mind and you will get the best bang for your buck in terms of a winning property tax appeal.

The More Knowledge and Experience, the Better

The laws of the State of Georgia state that a property owner and taxpayer can designate an authorized representative and/or agent to appear before the Board of Equalization for a property tax appeal. There are no legal requirements and restrictions about the qualifications of the authorized representative and/or agent – for as long as you trust the persons to represent you in front of the local taxing authorities, then they are qualified to do so. 

But you don’t want anybody Tom, Dick and Harry to become your authorized representative for obvious reasons. Your property assessment appeal involves high stakes, particularly property tax savings, so making the best choice in real estate tax consultants is crucial.

You must look for Gwinnett property tax consultants with the right combination of knowledge and skills, as well as education, training and work experience, in your type of appeal. For example, you may own a commercial resort complex so you must find tax consultants with comprehensive experience in this area, not just those with experience in residential property appeals. 

The More Aware of Their Role, The Better

Again, the best Gwinnett property tax consultants are keenly aware of their primary role as the knowledgeable, passionate and competent advocates of their clients. While there are other roles and responsibilities, such as ensuring the compliance with the appeal’s deadlines, the advocate role during the appeal hearings is the most important.

After all, even when the necessary papers have been gathered and the strict deadlines have been met, the presentation of the evidence during the hearing will have a heavier weight. Your real property consultant will come prepared to defend your proposed value, even find loopholes in the county assessor’s evidence supporting the county’s assessed value. 

Of course, the hearing demands intensive preparation from the tax consultant since your appeal’s outcome will largely depend on its outcome. Your real property tax consultants will ensure that they are, indeed, more than ready to take on the local county’s assessor, so to speak.

This requires several tasks that must be completed in the right way at the right time. These include gathering the information regarding the subject real property and comparable property, interviewing an authorized employee of the county assessor’s office, and organizing the evidence.

The best Gwinnett real estate tax consultants will always act in their client’s favor – yours, in this case. You should be able to enjoy substantial savings on your property tax, thus, offsetting the costs of their fees. 

Fair Assessments, LLC is one of the best real estate tax consultants in Gwinnett, with three decades of property valuation, assessment and appeals experience.


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