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Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 14, 2021 2:01:00 PM

Most property owners know that the amount they pay in taxes keeps going up. Even though the average effective tax rate in Dekalb county is around 1.07%, it can vary substantially from one community to another, based on the pertinent property valuations and appraisals. The county's population is more than 740,000, and Dekalb County encompasses approximately 10% of the neighborhoods in the metropolitan Atlanta area and numerous other communities.

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Tax rates are set annually by the County Commissioners, and assessors are responsible for the values placed on all taxable real and personal property. Tax rates and assessment procedures are made in accordance with state statutes and the legal requirements of the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Although the goal is to ensure that property tax appraisals and assessments are fair and equitable to all property owners, mistakes can be made, and there are occasions when a specific tax levy is deemed too high. Owners have the right to protest an appraisal, and to request relief from an assessment that is unfair or out of line with neighboring property valuations.

In order to receive that relief, however, there are stringent requirements that must be followed. Filing an appeal must file a strict timeline, and it can be demanding and confusing. If, as a property owner, you have received a notification of appraisal and assessment that seems too high for the value of your property, it is wise to file an appeal and request a review.

Deadlines for filing are critical, and it is vital to follow the filing procedures to the letter. You can file as an individual, or you can seek the services or an outside firm. Fair Assessments is an experienced firm with more than 30 years of real estate valuation expertise. We will partner with you to reduce your tax bill. We understand the nuances of the appraisal and assessment process as well as the pertinent laws and current regulations. We have 16 years of property tax reduction experience and eight years of tax assessment knowledge.

It is this professional and experienced approach that will work in your favor, helping you realize a tax reduction. Our information is based on facts and figures that may be difficult for you, as an individual, to obtain. We can save you time and frustration as well as money. If you have questions about your current property tax appraisal, whether or not you have decided to file a protest, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Among the property tax appeal companies in Dekalb County, Fair Assessments, LLC, has an enviable record of success in securing equitable tax adjustments for our clients.


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