Preparing your Fulton County Property Tax Appeal Evidences

Posted by Daniel Jones on Dec 23, 2019 11:30:00 AM

If you want to be successful in your Fulton county property tax appeal, you must gather valid, reasonable, and comprehensive evidence to support your claim that, indeed, your property’s assessed value, as reflected on the annual notice of assessment, is too high. Here are a few tips on how to get your evidence appeal-ready.

Things to Remember

In the Fulton county property tax appeal, the Board of Assessors (BOA) has the burden of proof. This means that the BOA has the obligation to prove the validity of its own assertions in order to defend their taxable value. Your tax consultant should have the knowledge to show the assessor’s value is questionable, at best.

Recent sales prices of comparable properties is always the best evidence. Comparable in terms of style, age, and quality of construction. Your best evidence will be sales of similar property with similar location. The tax assessors will have your property assigned to a neighborhood, and provided there are plenty of sales within this neighborhood, they will not accept sales from other neighborhoods. Your tax consultant should be able to gather evidence on comparable sales, which can boost your chances at a successful appeal.

You should have sales that support a lower value and that sold within one year of the assessor’s effective date of appraisal. This is January 1 of every year. If you are appealing a 2020 value the effective date of appraisal is 1/1/2020. As a result you can only use market data (sales) from calendar year 2019. You should ideally have at least 3 comparable sales to back up your Fulton county property tax appeal – but, as your tax consultant may say, the more comparable sales you can submit, the more likely the Tax Assessor will accept your suggested valuation. 

When appealing to the BOA you only need to provide one copy of your evidence. When you attend a Board of Equalization hearing you may be required to present 4 copies of the evidence, or 5 including a copy for yourself. You can include maps, photos, spreadsheets, graphs, comparable sale information sheets, just about anything that you think will help your case.

If you are overwhelmed by the process of gathering evidence, your tax consultant and their staff will take over the appeals process and get everything done for you.  You can focus your time and energy on other matters and check in on the progress of the appeal when time permits. This can be a lengthy process, which may take 3-9 months or even longer, because the county gets thousands of appeals each year.

Work Smarter

You probably know more about your neighborhood than even the most seasoned tax consultant. You probably know more than the tax assessor, too. This means that if you are using a tax consultant you can easily inform them of adverse conditions inside and outside of your property to arm them with more information for your property tax appeal. Anything like busy road noise or poor grading/drainage issues should be brought to their attention.

You should ensure that your evidence is presented in an efficient, effective and organized manner, which will facilitate a faster resolution of your Fulton county property tax appeal. Hire Fair Assessments, LLC to boost your chances at a successful appeal.

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