Planning Ahead When Hiring a Cobb Property Tax Consultant

Posted by Daniel Jones on Feb 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM

By now, the benefits of hiring a Cobb property tax consultant as a third-party vendor that provide a wide range of tax services should be evident by now. In brief, these benefits include freeing up valuable internal resources including manpower hours for expansion purposes and mitigating the risks associated with non-compliance with the law. 

But many companies still make the mistake of hiring property tax consultants at the last hour, even the last minute, such as too close to the 45-day deadline for filing appeals. This isn’t such a good idea especially when there’s too much at stake. 

Why Plan Ahead

Many companies, such as financial institutions, mortgage companies, and commercial property owners, are offered property tax consultancy services but say, “Let’s talk in a few months because there’s no immediate need for them.” In the process, they miss out on the opportunity to benefit from outsourcing real estate tax services, a shame considering that the benefits (e.g., risk mitigation) outweigh the costs (i.e., fees).

Many companies, in contrast, grab the offer without a thorough cost-and-benefit analysis. This is detrimental, too, since impulse decisions in an organizational setting aren’t usually beneficial to everybody involved.

The bottom line: You have to plan ahead when your company needs the services of a Cobb property tax consultant.  You must establish a working professional relationship with these property tax professionals at least four months before the start of the high peak season. You and your tax consultant will then have sufficient time to discuss the issues, concerns and strategies related to tax planning.

Your tax consultant will also have sufficient time to gather the relevant documents and data necessary to establish an effective and efficient monitoring of your real property portfolio. For example, if you’re planning on appealing your property tax assessment for this year, your tax consultant should be familiar with your case already. You can’t choose them a week before the 45-day deadline approaches.

You should also plan ahead considering the dozens of choices in Cobb property tax consultants. You must provide ample time to study their credentials, check their client references, and interview them before making your decision.

How to Plan Ahead

Did you know that the tax laws actually provide taxpayers with sufficient time to establish their tax plans? Keep in mind that the issuance of property tax assessments, the filing of appeals, and the payment of taxes all follow specific processes, procedures and timeline. Every taxpayer can then anticipate the documents and deadlines and, thus, prepare for them well.

There’s simply no excuse for planning ahead! Here’s a few tips to do so:

  • Make a timetable of the activities and goals related to hiring property tax consultants.
  • Gather a list of the reliable and reputable property tax consultants in your area.
  • Establish a set of criteria to narrow down your list, said criteria of which can include education, training, work experience, and expertise in commercial property management
  • Check all relevant criteria even when it means spending time, effort and money on checking out client references, background information, and trustworthiness

In the end, trust between you and your chosen Cobb property tax consultant is a must for a successful relationship. It can only be established with time so it’s time to start looking for them now. 

Fair Assessments, LLC is a Cobb property tax consultant with 30 years experience in property valuation, assessment and appeals.


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