Learn More About the Types of Cobb County Real Estate Tax Services

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 13, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Cobb County residents will find that there are qualified professionals who can provide them with a variety of real estate tax services. Depending on the circumstances, individuals may find that they require one of the following types of real estate tax services in Cobb County: 

Property Assessment Reviews

Every year, Cobb County assessors will evaluate your property and determine its taxable value. In many cases, residents will find that their property tax assessment is not in line with current real estate market conditions. Anyone who feels that their assessment is too high, and therefore resulting in excessive property taxes, can request that a property assessment review. A professional who specializes in real estate tax services can perform a market analysis and property evaluation, and provide you with a report that you can use to compare to your property assessment.

Property Tax Appeals

Cobb County residents who feel that their property tax assessment is not fair or accurate have the opportunity to file an appeal. However, it can be difficult to maneuver through the logistics of the appeal without the assistance of a professional who specializes in real estate tax services. A qualified professional can provide you with the assistance and support that you need in order to ensure that you get the most favorable results possible throughout the property tax appeal process. 

Real Estate Tax Arbitration Services

Arbitration is often a viable solution to real estate tax disputes, and it can help two parties avoid litigation within the courtroom. While arbitration is a more cost-effective solution, it is important that individuals recognize the need to hire a qualified professional to complete the arbitration process. It is pivotal that Cobb County residents hire a professional who specializes in real estate tax services in order to complete their real estate tax arbitration. 

Litigation Services

In the event that a real estate tax dispute cannot be solved through mediation or arbitration, litigation is sometimes required. Cobb County residents who are facing the possibility of litigation should partner with a team of professionals who can provide them with management services and support throughout the litigation process. It is essential for individuals to have a professional advocating for them and working to ensure that they get the best possible results at the end of the litigation process.

Fortunately for those who live in Cobb County, there are real estate tax professionals who provide exceptional services for all residents who are in need. Fair Assessments LLC has been providing the community with these essential services for more than three decades.

For more information on how we can help you with the real restate tax services that you need, contact us today.

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