Interacting with the Gwinnett County Assessment Appeals Board: An Overview

Posted by Daniel Jones on Aug 27, 2021 3:30:00 PM

In Gwinnett County, if you happen to disagree with the current year's assessed value of your home, it's definitely in your best interest to file an appeal to the Assessment Appeals Board. If the value was found to be incorrect, it could potentially reduce the amount of money you're being asked to pay in taxes - thus making the effort more than worth it.

Having said that, while the process of filing an appeal is easy (you can do so right online at the Gwinnett County website), you should still make an effort to understand as much about the Board itself as possible and how it all works. Doing so will help you avoid frustrating (and potentially costly) mistakes moving forward.


Assessment Appeals in Gwinnett County

The most important thing to understand about all of this is how your appeal will actually be generated. According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, each property in the county should be visited at least once every three to five years. Having said that, it's a law in the state of Georgia that a value (within 10% of current market values) must be assessed every year for tax purposes.

What this means is that the value on your current assessment notice may not be accurate, as it may not be based on an in-person visit. 

Without an actual visit to your home, your property's value will be based on a few other factors. Sometimes, it's based on the sale of similar properties in the area. Other times it's based on the estimated amount of money it would take to replace or repair your home, once things like the value of your land and depreciation are factored in.

Regardless, you will receive your Annual Notice of Assessment at some time during April every year. This is not a tax bill, but it will include an estimate of your taxes. Review the document carefully and make sure you understand exactly what it is based on because if you do need to file an appeal, you will only have 45 days from the date of receipt to do so. 

Interacting with the Gwinnett County Assessment Appeals Board can certainly be a stressful experience - but it doesn't have to be, at least not with the right partners by your side. At Fair Assessments, we'll state your case to the Assessment Appeals Board on your behalf - all so that we can use our years of experience to get the results you deserve.

So to find out more information about the Gwinnett County Assessment Appeals Board, or to speak to someone about your own needs in a bit more detail, please don't hesitate to contact Fair Assessments today. 

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