How to Win a Property Tax Appeal in Cobb County

Posted by Daniel Jones on Aug 20, 2021 2:00:00 PM

Many States give local counties the ability to tax the property owners that live there based on the value of the real estate itself - and Georgia is definitely among them. In Cobb County, you'll receive a tax assessment notice on a yearly basis. This will outline what Cobb County thinks your property is worth, why they think that and more - all to give you an idea of what your property taxes are based on.

The most important thing to understand about this process is that it isn't perfect. Not only are there simply a lot of homes in Cobb County, but the assessors don't actually enter your home to make a determination - leading to a situation where it is entirely possible that mistakes have been made.

In the event that you receive an assessment in the mail that you disagree with, don't worry - there are steps that you can take. Winning a property tax appeal in Cobb County isn't necessarily impossible, but it does require you to keep a number of important things in mind.

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Making the Most Out of Your Property Tax Appeal

One of the most critical things to understand about winning a property tax appeal in Cobb County is that this process is worth going through, regardless of how long it takes. In Georgia, settling your property tax appeal will cap the taxable value of your home for the next three years - something that could save you an enormous amount of money in the process.

After receiving your assessment in the mail, you'll be able to file a formal appeal right online through the website or in writing via the Postal Service. After downloading and filling out the appropriate forms, you'll want to be as detailed as possible regarding why you disagree with the listed value. This level of detail will help make your argument more compelling, which only increases the chances that someone will agree with your appeal later on.

But rather than going through this process yourself, you could enlist the help of a company like Fair Assessments to do so on your behalf. Not only will we file the appeal, but we'll also conduct all of the research necessary to make a strong case for lowering your value. That includes looking into what similar homes in the area have sold for and more. We'll also proudly represent you in all negotiations with the tax assessment staff, as well as at any formal hearings that take place. 

To get more information about how to win a property tax appeal in Cobb County, or to get answers to any other specific questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Fair Assessments today.

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