How to Win a Gwinnett Property Tax Appeal

Posted by Daniel Jones on Dec 6, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Regardless of the type of property you own, you will find that filing a property tax appeal– and even better, winning it, for that matter - is for your own interest. Your tax burden will be reduced for the applicable year so much so that you have set a precedent for yourself. Your property taxes can be lower in the succeeding years, aside from the fact that your knowledge about these things has increased. 

But don’t just plunge into filing an appeal against the property assessment value either. You should learn these tricks to increase your chances for a successful appeal. Your time, energy and effort in adopting these tricks will be well-rewarded, indeed.

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Learn the Who, What and How of the Process

You can’t beat the system when you don’t know the system.  Your knowledge about who does what, what happens when and where, and how things are done, among other things, will be as valuable as gold when planning your appeal strategy. You will, for example, know the necessary papers in a winning appeal, such as property tax card, comparable sales data, and functional obsolescence information, and gather them accordingly.

Knowledge is power, indeed! You should also use the knowledge in a good way since it can be used against your interest during the hearings. You must keep your cards close to your heart, so to speak, while getting as much information from the opposing camp – the Board of Assessors and the Gwinnett tax assessors, in this case – via your right to an interview, among others. 

Ask for Professional Assistance

But even with your knowledge about the property assessment appeal process, you are still well-advised to hire an experienced tax reduction expert for many reasons. You will not have sufficient time to gather the crucial evidence, file the documents, and follow up on the status, to name a few related tasks. You have a personal and professional life, after all, that demands your full attention, too.

You shouldn’t also represent yourself during the hearings for the property tax appeal, unless you have carefully studied the documents and have extensive experience in a hearing setting (i.e., a lawyer). Your decision to hire a Gwinnett tax reduction consultant as your representative will result in a more persuasive representation during the hearing, especially as you have an advocate on your side. You also have a tax service professional and his staff members who will conduct the crucial research for your evidence.

Organize Your Strategy 

With your knowledge about the appeal process and your tax reduction consultant’s professional assistance, you’re ready for the next step. You and your tax reduction advisor will discuss your appeal strategy including the timeline, documents and approach. You must think of the property assessment appeal as a battleground – the more prepared you are the better your chances for a winning appeal will be.

Winning a property tax appeal is not easy, especially with the deadlines, documents and people involved.  Fair Assessments, LLC will make everything easy for you, from start to finish.

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