How to Properly Conduct a Real Estate Tax Appeal in Cobb County

Posted by Daniel Jones on Jun 18, 2021 4:30:00 PM

While it's certainly true that a "hot" real estate market is ultimately great for homeowners in Cobb County, it can cause some potential issues in unexpected ways - namely, when it comes to your real estate tax assessment.

On a regular basis, officials in Cobb County will re-assess the value of your home to determine how much you should be paying in property taxes. If that assessment is incorrect, you could easily wind up paying too much - which is why you should both pay attention to the assessment you get in the mail and file an appeal at your earliest convenience if you disagree with it.

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The Art of a Cobb County Real Estate Tax Appeal

The tax assessors in Cobb County are humans, too - meaning that mistakes happen occasionally and are not out of the question. Sometimes they mistakenly believe that you've made significant modifications to your home to increase the value when you haven't. Other times they may have the incorrect number of rooms, or have misunderstood certain features or amenities. 

If you feel like you're paying too much in taxes due to an incorrect assessment, it's absolutely worth filing an appeal letter within 45 days of receiving your assessment in the mail. Spend some time looking at comparable homes in the area to see what their values are and compile any documentation that you can in an effort to prove your case and show that a mistake has been made.

You can download the appropriate form from the county's website and submit it either electronically or by mail. Even if you only save a few hundred dollars per year on property taxes, this could still save you an enormous amount of money over the lifetime ownership of your home - money that can obviously be use for bigger and better things. 

While it's absolutely true that there is a clear process in place for filing a real estate tax appeal in Cobb County, it's also one where a lot can "go wrong" if you're not careful. That's why it's always recommended that you get help from a passionate team of professionals like those at Fair Assessments. We've been conducting real estate tax appeals in the area for years and we know what mistakes to avoid - all so that you can get the fair property tax assessment you deserve with as few of the potential downsides as possible.

To learn more about how to properly conduct a real estate tax appeal in Cobb County, or to learn more about what a team of experts can do for you, please contact Fair Assessments today.

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