How to Lower Property Tax

Posted by Daniel Jones on May 13, 2020 9:39:00 AM

No one wants to overpay their property taxes, yet it happens to many homeowners year-after-year. Chances are good you already pay a good amount of money on your taxes each year. When your home is reassessed, the county may decide you should be paying even more. That’s not always fair or accurate, especially with little is done to determine if your home’s value has actually risen. However, you can learn how to lower property tax rates.

Lower Property Tax

Is Your Assessment Value Wrong?

The key question here is to determine if your recent property assessment is accurate. If you already know the property sales in your market area, that can shed some light on the inaccuracies in your assessment. Let’s say a tax assessor used recently sold homes to determine what your property value is. That may seem logical, but if those homes are newer or in better condition – or may even have better features or locations – all of that translates into an inaccurate assessment for you.

How to Lower Property Taxes to Avoid Overpaying

If you believe your tax assessment is inaccurate, it is important to act quickly to get the right figures added. You should appeal your tax assessment any time that data does not seem right or is otherwise unreliable.

Most of the time, when a mass appraisal is done of an entire neighborhood, it is not going to be reliable. There is often ample proof for adjustment. Taking the step to appeal what you are paying will cap your taxable value for three years. That means you are saving a substantial amount of money if that assessment isn’t accurate.

What Steps Should You Take to Reduce Your Assessed Value?

It’s always best to work with a professional to lower your property taxes. Because we are able to work quickly and handle the tax assessors properly, it is possible to get this process completed for you right away. The tax assessment appeal process is a legal right that every property owner has. If you are ready to move forward and learn more about your options, consider the process:

  • Give our team a call. We will then file the property tax appeal for you after speaking to you about your risks and concerns.
  • We will handle all of the research for you. This includes developing strategies and insights that help to support a lower property tax assessment.
  • We then work directly with the county on your behalf. We negotiate with the assessment staff to help make a better decision.
  • When necessary, we attend the Board of Equalization hearing to give you the right to further fight the amount you are being told to pay.

When you learn how to lower property taxes like this, you can gain better control over what is being reported about your home. That’s going to pay off for years to come in many cases. For help in Fulton County, give our team a call today.

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