How to File a Fulton County Property Tax Appeal

Posted by Daniel Jones on Dec 25, 2019 9:28:00 AM

If you think your property is assessed incorrectly, you have the right to file a Fulton county property tax appeal. You can do it yourself but the appeal process can be demanding when it comes to preparation and the hearing itself. You can, instead, hire a Fulton county tax consultant to take care of the appeal. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, you must know how to file the appeal. Taxpayers now have two options in filing the required forms. 

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Online Filing

Online filling allows the BOA easy, fast and convenient processing of tax appeal, which obviously also benefits the taxpayers including the reduced risks of the appeal being lost in the mail.  Be sure to check that all required data are entered into the online form; missing information will result in the appeal being considered as invalid or unacceptable.  After submission, a confirmation number acknowledging the appeal will be sent to the taxpayer. 

Manual Filing

Manual filing requires filling up the form with the required information, which can then be mailed or hand-delivered to the BOA. Taxpayers are strongly advised to use either priority or certified mail when mailing the appeal form as proof of delivery; the board cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed mail and it will not accept appeals filed via email and fax. The appeal must also be post-marked on or before the last day of filing as shown on the notice of assessment to be considered as valid. 

In case you accessed the Fulton County property tax appeal mechanism via the electronic method, you should access the Appeal Resolution Center after the 45-day period for filing appeals has already expired. You will receive an email invitation containing instructions in setting up an account that, when activated, can be used in checking the status of your appeal.  You can use your Appeal Resolution Center to submit additional documentation, communicate with the appraisal staff, and express relevant matters, among others.

It must be noted that the payment of the tax bill is not suspended while your Fulton County property tax appeal is being resolved.  You must still pay the temporary tax bill to avoid surcharges, interests and penalties accruing from the non-payment. You will usually receive a tax bill reflecting one of two values – the higher of your return valuation or 85 percent of the current year’s valuation, as set by the BTA. 

The tax bill will contain statements about the temporary nature of the bill pending the outcome of your appeal. It will also state the possibility of either refund issued or additional tax due upon the appeal’s resolution.  For a worry-free Fulton County property tax appeal, let Fair Assessments, LLC handle everything for you from start to finish!

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