How Experience and Expertise Helps in Reducing Property Tax

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 17, 2020 12:00:00 PM

If there was a powerful tool available to you to potentially help reduce your Gwinnett County or Cobb County commercial property tax, would you use it? On the surface, you would think the answer would be a resounding yes. After all, who wouldn't want to take steps to reduce expenses and improve the bottom line, especially in challenging economic times. Yet, many property owners either don't choose to use the tool or will attempt to use it on their own, possibly reducing the effectiveness of their tax assessment appeal.

Taxpayers should first understand that when they receive their tax assessment, it is not a “final bill”. That is, unless you choose not to challenge it. If you challenge it successfully, it is less money coming out of your pocket. It would seem apparent the best choice is to file a challenge.

The question then becomes should you file a challenge on your own or should you use the professional services of a tax assessment reduction firm, like Fair Assessments LLC? When taking a closer look, the advantages of using Fair Assessments LLC would become equally apparent.

This is particularly true when you see the difference experience and expertise makes.

Fair Assessments LLC has extensive knowledge of property values in both commercial and residential properties in Cobb and Gwinnett County. This provides a valuable overall view of how properties are being assesssed throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. This provides an excellent template for seeing who is paying what and commonalities in those properties. They have expertise in analzing these property assessments and in how to approach a challenge to increase the odds of a successful reduction.

In addition, the Fair Assessments team knows the important deadlines that must be met in filing a successful appeal. Should a live appearance in front of the tax assessment board help your case, Fair Assessments LLC can represent you. In addition, having professional representation in your tax appeal carries a certain weight of its own.

It helps to understand that property tax assessments are often calculated using broad strokes and are calculated area by area. Few are truly customized to precisely fit the value of a property. It is up to individual property owners to contest unfair assessments. As a property owner, you have certain rights and opportunities when it comes to your property tax assessments. It makes sense to use every tool available to minimize those taxes. Using a professional tax assessment reduction team like Fair Assessments LLC can pay for itself.

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