How a Cobb County Tax Consultant Can Help You

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 3, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Many taxpayers believe that hiring the services of a Cobb County tax consultant is unnecessary especially in financial terms. Taxpayers, after all, can prepare and file their tax returns as well pay for their taxes on their own.

But when it comes to filing and winning your property tax assessment appeal, you are well-advised to hire the best tax consultant in the area. You will find that the fee involved in hiring the services is well worth the benefits that come with it, particularly the increased chances for winning your appeal.

You can look forward to these ways that a Cobb County tax consultant can help you in your effort to have your property tax assessment reduced. 

Filing the Appeal  

You have 45 days from the mailing date of the annual tax assessment notice to file a written objection with the Board of Tax Assessors. Your written objection should include relevant information including the property’s location and identification number.  Your decision to hire a Cobb County tax consultant will serve you in good stead in several ways.

First, the 45-day window is of utmost importance for property owners who want to appeal tax assessments on their real and personal property. The board will not accept protests or appeals beyond this date and the tax assessment notice will be used by the tax commissioner in the computation of the final property tax; the tax bill cannot be appealed. Your Cobb County tax consultant will ensure that you can meet the 45-day window of opportunity. 

Second, the appeals process can be complicated especially for ordinary taxpayers with limited knowledge of the matter. Your tax consultant has the right level of knowledge and skills to successfully tackle the appeals process, thus, increasing your chances for winning your appeal. You can leave the crucial tasks, such as researching the fair market values of similar property, compiling the relevant data, and drafting the appeal brief, to your tax consultant. 

Representation during the Hearing

According to the law, you have the right to be represented during the hearing for your tax assessment appeal by an attorney, appraiser, or agent. You must, however, notify the board in writing before the hearing about your plan for representation.

An experienced Cobb County tax consultant can be your representative during the hearing. You have the assurance that the tax professional has the knowledge and skills to defend your cause, such as in explaining the basis for your proposed assessment and in pointing out the errors of the appraiser’s methodologies. 

But can you file a tax assessment appeal in the first place? Yes, you can!  According to state law, any property owner/taxpayers may choose to file a property tax assessment with the appropriate body, such as the Board of Equalization. The appeal can be based on matters of taxability, uniformity of assessment, and value as well as denials of homestead exemptions for residents of Cobb County. 

You will appreciate the professional services of Fair Assessments, LLC, the best Cobb County tax consultant, regardless of the grounds for your appeal. 

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