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Posted by Daniel Jones on Nov 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM

A lot of tax payers handle tax matters on their own, such as paying for their own taxes and preparing and filing for tax returns. Thus, they believe that hiring a Gwinnett tax consultant won’t be necessary at all. But when it comes to property tax appeal, you are well advised to hire a property tax service to handle the entire process that may take a couple of months to complete.

Here are some of the things that your tax consultant will do during the property tax appeal process.

File the Appeal

From the time the annual tax assessment notice is mailed, you have 45 days to file an appeal with the Board of Assessors. Your appeal form should include necessary information such as your property’s identification number, property location, contact information, reason for appeal, among many others.

If you want to file an appeal, it is very important that you do so during the 45-day window. Appeals filed beyond this date will not be accepted by the board and the assessed value indicated on your annual tax assessment notice will be the final value used by the tax commissioner to compute for your tax bill. When hiring a property tax consultant, you are sure that your appeal will be filed on time.

Do all the Research

The entire property tax appeal process can be complicated and difficult especially if you have limited knowledge of the matter.  Experienced tax consultants have the right skills as well as the level of knowledge to successfully handle the entire appeals process.    They know the necessary research needed to support a lower property tax assessment, compile relevant data and draft the appeal brief.

Negotiate with the County Tax Assessment Staff

Your property tax consultant will work with the Gwinnett county tax assessment department to negotiate for a lower property tax assessment.

Attend the Board of Equalization Hearing

The board of equalization hearing is the last step of the appeals process.  According to the law, you have the right to be represented during the hearing for your tax assessment appeal by an attorney, appraiser, or agent. You must, however, notify the board in writing before the hearing about your plan for representation.

Your experienced Gwinnett County tax consultant can be your representative during the hearing.  You have the assurance that the tax professional has the knowledge and skills to defend your case, such as in explaining the basis for your proposed assessment and in pointing out the errors of the appraiser’s methodologies. 

Having an experienced tax consultant by your side will give your higher chances of winning an appeal, regardless of the grounds for your appeal.

At Fair Assessments, LLC, you are assured that we will use effective and efficient methods to win your property tax assessment appeal. You will have an experienced tax professional who can take care of the crucial aspects of your appeal and who will provide competent representation during the hearing.

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