Fulton County Property Tax Appeal: The Board of Assessors

Posted by Daniel Jones on Feb 5, 2020 8:45:00 AM

Just as the BOA sets the property tax ball rolling with its issuances of the annual notice of assessments, it is also the first venue in the Fulton County property tax appeal process.  All appeals must be filed within 45 days on the date stated on the notice; otherwise, the assessed value is considered as final until the next assessment period.

After receipt of acknowledgement of your appeal, the BOA will assign a staff appraiser in charge of the review of the subject property’s assessment value as well as assign a special status to it. You should either receive an acknowledgement email with a confirmation number or a mailed letter acknowledging the BOA’s receipt of your appeal. 

On your appeal letter, you have to express your choice in venue, namely, appeal to the Board of Equalization (BOE), or Hearing Officer, or Binding Arbitration. You and the BOA can also reach a mutual agreement to have your appeal sent directly to Superior Court. You also have the choice of coming to a mutual agreement with the BOA about the assessed value of your property at any point. 

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The BOA’s staff appraiser will likely perform an ocular inspection and routine assessment inspection of your property, as part of the review of the property’s characteristics and its assessed value.  Keep these tips in mind when dealing with the staff appraiser to facilitate the speedier resolution of your Fulton County property tax appeal: 

  • Be courteous in your dealings, not confrontational, since a professional approach is always best in these cases.
  • Be ready with the appropriate answers to relevant questions. But you should also be careful about disclosing property details during the ocular inspection with the staff appraiser without clearing it with your tax advisor/agent. 
  • Be ready to deny access to the staff appraiser into your home’s interior areas. The appraisal process only applies to the exterior areas including the garden and lawn, gazebo, and swimming pool, among others. 

When the BOA has finished its review, you will receive either of these two types of letters: 

  • No Change Letter

The BOA has determined that its assessed value on the subject property stands. Your appeal will automatically be forwarded to the Board of Equalization (BOE) without any other action on your part. 

  • 30-day Letter

The BOA has revised its assessed value on your property but it can be higher or lower than the original assessed value on your annual notice of assessment for the year under review.  You have the choice of either accepting or rejecting the new property valuation. 

Your decision to accept or reject the 30-Day Letter, which should be expressed in writing within 30 days, will determine the next steps in the Fulton County property tax appeal process. 

If you accept the property’s new assessed value, you should let the BOA know of your decision.  Your letter will become the supporting document in considering the new assessed value as the final value, which will affect the annual tax bill.  You have just completed your appeal. 

If you reject the property’s new assessed value, you should also express your rejection in a letter addressed to the BOA. It must be noted that when you fail to reject the new assessed value within 30 days, the BOA will consider it as the final value. If you need help with your Fulton County property tax appeal, contact Fair Assessments, LLC now!

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