Fulton County Property Tax Appeal: Grounds for Appeal Explained

Posted by Daniel Jones on Dec 4, 2019 9:10:00 AM

If you own a property in Fulton County, you should know about property assessment. And if you think that your property is not assessed correctly, you have the right to file a Fulton county property tax appeal.  Make sure to indicate your grounds for appeal because failure to do so can cause significant delays in the process. Be sure to discuss the specific ground for your appeal with your tax consultant to facilitate its speedy resolution.  The grounds for property tax appeal are: 

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The assessed property value including its land and improvement values has a substantial difference with its fair market value, per objective research on comparable property (i.e., recent sales), current market conditions, and revenues earned, among other factors affecting its value. 


The assessed property value varies beyond reasonable justification with the property values compared with neighboring property. While the BOA uses a ratio to determine uniform values, the ratio is not as accurate as it should be.


The subject property was still subjected to tax even when it should have been exempted, such as when it is a non-profit or conservation property.

Exemption Denied

The taxpayer was denied exemptions that should have been due under the law, such as senior citizen exemption or homestead exemption.  The exemption due should not be stated on the annual notice of assessment for the ground to be considered. 

Bear in mind, too, that the ground for appeal will depend on the venue. You must select only one of the following options:

  • BOE: appeal to the county board of equalization with appeal to the superior court, you chose this option. Any or all grounds.
  • Arbitration: to arbitration with an appeal to the superior court. Valuation is only grounds that may be appealed to arbitration.
  • Hearing officer: for (1) non homestead real property and contiguous real property or (2) wireless personal property account with FMV in excess of $500,000, to a hearing officer with appeal to superior court. Value and uniformity only.
  • SC: direct to superior court (requires consent of BOA). Any or all grounds.

Under the laws of the State of Georgia, the burden of proof lies with the BOA in proving the reasonableness, even the accuracy, of the subject property’s assessed value. The taxpayer filing the Fulton County property tax appeal documents, however, should be ready with the critical information to dispute the assessed value, such as a certified appraiser’s report. 

You can file your own appeal but it may demand time and efforts. You can ask for assistance from Fair Assessments, LLC. Contact them now!

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