Fight Property Taxes: You Have the Ability to Request a Lower Rate

Posted by Daniel Jones on Apr 28, 2021 3:00:00 PM

It’s quite common for a property assessment to be inaccurate. Even though the people that work in the county offices do not do this deceptively, it can happen. When it happens, it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated and worried. However, you can fight property taxes when you believe they are not accurate.

Understanding the Process Is the First Step

If you’ve received a letter alerting you to a new assessment or value for your property, do not wait to do something about it. Generally, you have 45 days to take action.

If the new assessed value is significantly higher than it was, you have the right to work through the assessment appeals process. You can find the specific steps to doing this at each of the county websites for Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and DeKalb County. In each case, you’ll work through several steps to request that the Board of Appeals takes a closer look at the new assessment to determine if it is truly accurate.

Fight Property Taxes

Why Would Your Assessment Be Inaccurate?

To fight property taxes, it is essential to understand why they are so high. Sometimes, it may not seem logical why your value jumped so high. Most of the time, these assessments increase at a steady rate based on the value of property in the surrounding area. If you complete a significant renovation or upgrade to the property, that can also increase the assessed value. For example, if you add on a shed, create an addition on the home, or add a garage to the home, that is going to increase its value. In these cases, the assessed value may be accurate.

Other times, there is no clear reason why the property’s tax value jumped so high, so quickly. When this happens to you, it is important to reach out to the taxing authority to find out.

That’s Where Things Get Difficult

The process of appealing the assessment requires several steps. You’ll have to complete the right forms and, once you do, you’ll need to submit them properly either in person or electronically. If you plan to complete this process, it’s important to be thorough. Be sure to list out the reason why this value may not be accurate.

Because of the complexity in the process, it is easier to simply allow the team at Fair Assessments LLC handle the process for you. Our team can tell you if you should appeal the decision and how to ensure you get the best possible outcome if that is the case. Most often, it is critical to call for help right away since there is a time limit on this process.


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