Everything to Know About Fulton County Property Tax Appeal Services

Posted by Daniel Jones on Oct 21, 2021 2:04:00 PM

Every year in Fulton County, the Board of Assessors sends out notices that let you know, among other things, the fair market value of your property. It's an important document to pay attention to, as this directly impacts the amount you'll pay in taxes.

In the event that you disagree with that value, you always have the right to file an appeal - something that must be done within 45 days of receiving the assessment notice in the mail. You always have the option of appealing on your own, but there are a few key reasons why you should enlist the help of a Fulton County property tax appeal service that are definitely worth exploring.

Tax Appeal Process

The Benefits of Fulton County Property Tax Appeal Services: Breaking Things Down

By far, the biggest advantage to working with Fulton County property tax appeal services comes by way of the fact that you'll find an honest, insightful and straightforward partner to handle this process on your behalf.

Tax appeal services like Fair Assessments, for just one example, will always offer a no-obligation, totally free consultation to provide you with as much actionable information about your tax assessment as possible. We'll work hard with you to make sure you understand what your valuation was based on, why that number may be wrong and more - all so that you can make the most informed decision possible before you decide to fight your upcoming tax increase.

Even going beyond that, professionals always work hard to stay up-to-date on all Georgia property tax news and other important events. Keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws can quickly become a full-time job - which is problematic, considering that you probably already have one of those monopolizing a lot of your time. When you enlist the help of Fulton County property tax appeal services, however, this isn't something you have to worry about - freeing up as much of your valuable time as possible so that you can focus on those matters that truly need your attention.

In the end, understand that Fulton County property tax appeal services are there for a reason - to leverage the full power of their years of experience on your behalf. At Fair Assessments, we've developed relationships with the Board of Assessors and we know how to see this process through to a satisfying conclusion. At that point you're free to sit back and relax with the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing your tax situation is being taken care of.

To find out more information about working with Fulton County property tax appeal services, or to get answers to any other essential questions you might have, please don't delay - contact Fair Assessments today.


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