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Posted by Daniel Jones on Jan 29, 2020 12:13:00 PM

Many of the frustrations that come in dealing with the DeKalb County property tax matters are from the ignorance about which official body to approach. The tax officials from the property appraisers to the tax collectors may seem indifferent to the taxpayers’ needs because the latter appears to be passed around, so to speak. This is not necessarily the case because presenting your case, in a manner of speaking, to the right person at the right office will likely result in an expedient resolution.

Here are the relevant offices and their functions that can serve as your basic guide in deciding which office to approach for your concerns and complaints regarding the DeKalb County property tax assessment and bill. Keep in mind, too, that you can get more information by visiting the county’s official website, which provides updated taxation procedures and contact information. 

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DeKalb County Tax Assessor’s Office

If you have questions about the following matters, then the DeKalb County Assessor’s Office is the best place to ask them.

  • The appraised and assessed value of your property regardless of its application – residential, commercial, and industrial. You can also ask questions about the valuation methods used in the assessment, the factors considered in the assessment, and the classification of the property, among other appraisal-related matters.
  • The homestead exemptions for your primary residential property. Your property’s assessed value and, thus, its corresponding property tax may be higher than expected because of the failure to apply the corresponding homestead exemption, such as for senior citizens. You have to check with the DeKalb County property tax assessor about qualifying for and filing of your homestead exemption.
  • The property tax records and maps for the entire county. You have the right to look at the details on your property’s records, as maintained by the DeKalb County Tax Assessor as there may be material errors that affected your property’s fair, equitable and correct valuation. For example, your student housing property may only have 50 units but has been listed as having 60 units or it may have been improperly classified as an apartment-type property. 
  • The appeals against the property assessment. In fact, the first step in an appeal is to contact the DeKalb County’s Tax Assessor to clarify the over-assessment, which may or may not result in the filing of a formal appeal. Many cases can actually be resolved without the formal process, such as in the case of simple errors.

In these matters, you are well-advised to hire an experienced tax advisor and consultant so as to maximize your chances of getting the right results. You will appreciate the expert assistance considering the complexity of the property tax.

DeKalb County Tax Commissioner’s Office

In case of concerns about the following matters, your best bet is the DeKalb County tax Commissioner’s Office. These include payment of your tax bill; receipt of property tax returns; purchase of tax liens; collection and recording of intangible tax; and registration of motor vehicles. 

When you know where to go, you will likely get the desired results easily and quickly! Start by asking the right questions of the DeKalb County property tax authorities. For property tax appeal assistance, contact Fair Assessments, LLC!

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