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Posted by Daniel Jones on Jan 3, 2020 2:30:00 PM

If you’re filing a Cobb commercial property tax appeal, you will find that hiring a reliable tax reduction consultant to become your advocate is a must. You have to make myriad decisions that you will likely be unable to make wisely for many reasons, such as your lack of knowledge and skills in dealing with the process, papers and people involved in the appeal. Your tax advisor, who will likely become your tax advocate during the appeal hearings, has the knowledge and skills for these things. 

Here are a few things that your tax reduction advisor and advocate can provide advice before, during and after the appeal process.

Choosing the Grounds for Appeal

In most counties in the State of Georgia, taxpayers who file a property assessment appeal without indicating their grounds will likely complain of delays. You, the property owner, have to put yourself in the local taxing authorities’ shoes –you can’t check a grounds for appeal on behalf of the property owner as it can lead to complications. 

But what will be your grounds for your commercial property tax  appeal? This is where your tax advisor will come in. You and your tax advisor will discuss the best grounds depending on your tax reduction goals, type of errors committed by the local taxing authority, and preferred venue, among other factors.

For example, your grounds for appeal can be one or more of the choices – taxability, uniformity and value – when you’re filing with the Board of Equalization. But when you want to file with a hearing officer, you can only choose between value and uniformity. Again, your tax advisor can provide a deeper insight into the matter. 

Meeting the Deadlines

In most, if not all, counties in the state, the imposition of the deadlines doesn’t recognize exceptions to the rule. This is a commonsense approach considering that setting a precedent of exceptions to the 45-day deadline of filing appeals, for example, will likely cause complications in the system.

You will probably be busier than you expected with your personal and professional life to meet the deadlines – and you only have yourself to blame for missing it! Your tax consultant has the necessary resources to meet the deadlines including gathering the papers necessary. You will not miss another deadline, another hearing, and another opportunity for a winning appeal, thanks to your smart decision. 

Exercising Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your tax advisor will also provide advice on your rights and responsibilities as a property owner in the appeal process. You should exercise them because these will be to your own benefit – your rights are protected by the law while your responsibilities are imposed by the law

You have the right, for example, to a recorded interview with the Board of Assessors before the hearing wherein relevant questions can be put forward. You have the responsibility, on the other hand, to pay a certain percentage of your property taxes even while the appeal is underway.

Before filing a Cobb commercial property tax appeal, you should first hire a tax reduction consultant with comprehensive experience in your industry.

Increase the chances of winning your Cobb county commercial property tax appeal by hiring the experts at Fair Assessments, LLC.  

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